Vilnius University Team

Vilnius University is the oldest university in the Baltic states and one of the oldest in Northern Europe. It is the largest university in Lithuania. Since its establishment in the 16th century, Vilnius University, as integral part of European science and culture has embodied the concept­ of a classical university and the unity of studies and research. Key activities of the University are research and studies. Vilnius University distinguishes itself by hosting a broad spectrum of international students and staff. Highly acclaimed research work and close cooperation with businesses and other higher education institutions throughout the world have deservedly earned the  University the status of high quality research and studies’ provider. The studies that are offered by the University are based on international-level partnerships. VU ensures that the quality of all forms of studies conforms to modern culture and technologies and pertains to the needs of the state and society by bringing businesses into the decision making process. One of the core aims of VU is to initiate and actively implement projects of value for the economic development of the country and region through the implementation of high quality economics education. VU is one of the founders and active participant in the activities of “SunriseValley”, an organization aimed at promoting knowledge intensive activities, entrepreneurship oriented education, improvement of industry and higher education cooperation. VU has also established The National Open Access Scholarly Communication and Information Centre (SCIC), which is the centre of communication between scientific research and studies, scientific research and business, business and studies. VU has carried out an Erasmus + Knowledge alliance project, the aim of which was to bridge the gap between academia and businesses by validating competences acquired through informal learning. Thus, the University has experience working with international partners and uses innovative methods to increase employability of students. This experience will be valuable asset in guiding the modernization process of the internationalization strategies of Asian University.

RAIMONDA MARKEVICIENE,Toolkit Local Team. Mrs. Raimonda Markeviciene, Head of International Programmes and Relations Office of Vilnius University, started her career as a university teacher later switching over to administration. Her experience runs in international relations, international projects and internationalisation at home. She was responsible for establishing policy and structures fostering mobility at the university as well as setting up the scheme of courses in foreign languages to promote incoming student mobility. She took part in national working groups developing the implementation of strategies of the Diploma Supplement, recognition, and internationalisation policies.  As an expert she has participated in several national projects and is a co-author of several national studies aimed to improve mobility, recognition, internationalisation. She had initiated a national project aimed at introducing ECTS in Lithuania according to Tuning methodology. Mrs. Markeviciene had been a national ECTS/DS coordinator working on European level since 1999 and has been a national Bologna expert since 2004 as well as a member of the national BFUG. 

SKIRMANTE SAVICKAITE, Toolkit Local Team. Ms. Skirmante Savickaite  is a coordinator for Erasmus + projects at Vilnius university.  She has more than 14 years of working experience in the Office of International Programmes and Relations dealing with student and staff mobility (Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus, Erasmus+), managing educational projects (LLP, Erasmus Mundus, Erasmus + ) from the initial phase  to completion, consulting faculties on mobility, project management issues. She also worked in the field of creating institutional cooperation strategies with third countries.

AUSRA RAZGUNE, Toolkit Local Team. A. Razgune has an international educational background in US and Lithuania. She has a PhD in labor economics, while working as an international relations manager for international partnerships at Vilnius University. Razgune has cooperated with many universities and business sector representatives across Europe in promoting student and staff academic traineeships and exchange. Razgune is also responsible for attracting business professionals to VU. She has organized several international conferences and participated in several projects: renewal and implementation of innovating teaching methods in study programmes (ESF funded); HANSA NOVA project: Managing a multicultural workforce in Baltic sea region (EC funded); strengthening the role of NGO’s in higher education and research process. Razgune was actively involved in Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance project “Promoting and Validating Key Competences in Mobility and Traineeships in Europe”.