WP2 - Modernization of Asian International Relations Strategies

This WP aims to support the Asian Universities in developing or updating their international relations strategies in order to better reflect modern HE Asian challenges, needs and strategies.

2.1. Designing the WP on the basis of baseline study (WP1)

On the basis of the data collected during the development of WP1, WP2 has been designed taking into account the questionnaires results and the feedback on WP1 Report focusing on international strategies. 

2.2. Train the trainers - International Relations Strategies

The one-week training has been organized and delivered by Vilnius University. It has been structured focusing on Asian countries characteristics. 

During the training Asian partners had the chance to learn about: 

  • Different approaches to the internationalization strategy at the higher education institution: priorities, indicators, activities;
  • Make institutionally relevant SWOT analysis on international relations and internationalization;
  • Defining the gaps in international strategies and aligning the selected approaches to institutional vision and mission;
  • See possible ways to combine institutional and faculty level goals within the strategy;
  • Involving staff and students in designing the strategy;
  • Make examples of action plan: its correspondence to the strategy, available resources, activities, and indicators.


2.3. Writing/updating the outline of University international relations strategic plan

Once back in Asia, Toolkit partners participating in the training in Vilnius worked together with the IROs staff of their own Universities in order to update the University's strategic plan for internationalization. 

Starting from the SWOT analysis and action plans drafted during the training week at Vilnius University, Asian partner Universities worked in order to update or implement their internationalization strategy, taking into account the example of best practices exposed during the training in Europe adapting them to their institutions' vision and mission. 

2.4. National workshop at the Ministry of Education

The outcomes of this work were presented during the National Workshops organized in January 2020 in Myanmar and Laos. On both occasions, partner Universities exposed their strategic plans for internationalization to representatives of their respective Ministries of Education. During the workshops, partner Universities highlighted what they learnt from the training in Vilnius and applied the newly acquired knowledge in the updating of their institutions' internationalization strategy. 

It was not possible to organize the national workshop in Sri Lanka, due to unforeseen events in the country first, and to the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak later. Notwithstanding the difficulties encountered, the Consortium managed to organize the event online, and the national workshop "a global outlook for Sri Lankan Universities" has been successfully conducted on October 27th, 2020.

Please see conferences for further details about the event. 

The work done during WP2 has been included in the report "Developing strategic plans for internationalization" available in the box below.