Souphanouvong University Team

Souphanouvong University (SU) is a university in Luang Prabang, the old capital of Laos and its fourth largest city. It is one of five national universities in the Lao PDR. It was established in 2003, the University is named after Prince Souphanouvong, who was the first President of the Lao PDR.

SU is a public national educational and cultural institution under the Ministry of Education. The University carries out the educational functions of preparing specialists, researchers and multidisciplinary scientific scholars; organizing scientific research; protecting and promoting Lao’s unique national and multiethnic arts and culture; and delivering academic services to society.

Souphanouvong University has two campuses. The main campus, is in Ban Donmay the second campus SU Faculty of Education is in Ban Nasang-Veuy, much closer to the city.

Souphanouvong University hosts 6 faculties  and 31 bachelor degree programmes.

Vixay Chansavang, Toolkit Local Team. Prof. Vixay Chansavang holds the position of Acting President of the Souphanouvong University. Moreover, he is Associate Professor in Road and Bridge Engineering, major in Erosion and Protection. After a training as teacher, he was first awarded a BSc in Water Way Construction Engineering, then another BSc in Diploma of Road and Bridge Engineering and an MSc in Civil Engineering, both from the University of Communication and Transport of Hanoi (Vietnam). Besides teaching at several levels, he has played an active role in the implementation of pedagogical projects, not only in Lao PDR, but also in South Korea, he has also taken part in projects financially implemented by international stakeholders.

Thongkham Hungsavath, Toolkit Local Team. Thongkham Hungsavath studied English at the National University of Laos and obtained a master’s degree in Public Policy at the Peking University (China). After a two-year experience as English teacher at the Faculty of Education of the Souphanouvong University, then, from 2006 until 2018 he held different government position at the same Faculty. Since 2018, he has hold the position of Director of the Office of International Relation at the Souphanouvong University.

Palitha Douangchack, toolkit Local Team. Palitha Douangchack studied English and Didactics at various Laotian Higher Education Institutions (the Teacher’s Training College, the Souphanouvong University, and the Vientiane College). Afterwards, he was awarded a Master’s Degree in Public Administration at the Flinders University (Australia). Since 2009, he has been working at the International Relations Division of the Souphanouvong University of Luang Prabang, where he has held several positions: in 2013, he became deputy head of the division of international relations of Souphanouvong University, in 2017 he worked as Office assistant at the Office of International Relations, and, since 2018 he has been holding the position of deputy head of the Division of International Relations and Project Management. Simultaneously, he has been working as English language lecturer at the Faculty of Economics and Tourism of the Souphanouvong University as inviting-teacher.