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22 MAY
24 MAY 2019

Founding the future of research in entrepreneurship, innovation management and strategy


CONFERENCE with E. Rasmussen and J. Wiklund, 22-24/5/2019, Bologna Business School (IT)

12 OCTOBER 2018

Exploring the multi-faceted non-economic goals of entrepreneurial firms


Symposium with L. Cassia, A. Colombelli, D. Hahn and T. Minola, 11-12/10/2018, XXIX Conference AIIG, Varese (IT)

16 AUGUST 2018

It’s all about impact: Science commercialization, academic engagement and student entrepreneurship

Academy of Management Conference, Chicago (USA)

Symposium with M. Wright

04 JULY 2018

Leveraging open innovation to improve society

R&D Management Milan, Italy

Symposium with Ahn J., Mortara L. and Roijakkers N.

06 JUNE 2017

University-Industry Collaborations and Academic Entrepreneurship: East meets West

Bologna Business School (IT)

Conference with E. Rasmussen, M. Takata, R. Tijssen and P.K. Wong.

30 JANUARY 2017

The role of T-shaped skills in entrepreneurship

Department of Management, University of Bologna, IT

Research Workshop with E. Luppi, D. Bolzani, R. Grimaldi and D. Guglielmi.

25 OCTOBER 2016

Management meet ICT and Return: New trends in data science

University of Bologna

Research Workshop with Riccardo Fini.

09 AUGUST 2016

The Commercialization of Science: An Integrative Research Agenda on Managing the Science-Business Interfaces

Academy of Management Meeting, Anaheim (USA)

Paper Symposium with Riccardo Fini, Einar Rasmussen, Donald Siegel and Johan Wiklund.

26 MAY 2016

A context of excellence, the excellence in the context

City Hall, San Lazzaro di Savena Bologna (IT)

Three workshops with Riccardo Fini emphasising key features of fintech (31st March 2016), automation (28th April 2016) and food (26th May 2016) industries.

07 MAY
08 MAY 2015

Science-Based Entrepreneurship Workshop

University of Bologna Business School

Research Workshop with Riccardo Fini, Rosa Grimaldi, Einar Rasmussen, Johan Wiklund and Mike Wright.

17 OCTOBER 2014

Boosting economic growth: entrepreneurship and corporate entrepreneurship in manufacturing and related industries

XXV AIIG Conference, Bologna (IT)

Paper Symposium with Alessandra Colombelli, Riccardo Fini, Federico Frattini, Tommaso Minola and Antonio Petruzzelli.

18 MAY
20 MAY 2014

Entrepreneurship in the EU: new data, methods and approaches

Bodo University (NO)

Research Seminar with Riccardo Fini, Einar Rasmussen and Johan Wiklund.