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17 JULY 2024

Summer School 3: Interdisciplinary work: make the team effective

In presence and online event

This RItrainPlus course is designed for bachelor students but is also available to master and PhD students and early career researchers and technicians. The programme will provide you the skills needed to manage communication within an interdisciplinary research group.

05 JULY 2024

Summer School2: Communicating Research – Introduction to Science to Science and Science to Public

In presence and online event

The course aims to provide students with a basic understanding of how to communicate their research to different target groups, why this is necessary for good scientific practice and what can be done to achieve this.

03 JULY 2024

Summer School 1: Innovation, entrepreneurship and engagement with industry

Online event

This new programme will address questions like what an invention is and understanding how to exploit and valorise entrepreneurship to innovate and increase the impact on the RI or CF on society.

Concluded events

13 MAY 2024

WS3: Ethical, Legal and Social Implications in Research Infrastructures and Core Facilities

Pay attention, the course is only in presence at the University of Trento

Through theoretical lessons and hands-on activities, the course will provide an overview of the ethical, legal and social implications in research-performing organizations and research infrastructures. The course will be held in person in Trento (Italy).

05 MARCH 2024

Winter School 2: Research data management and policies in Research Performing Organizations and Research Infrastructures

Online event

The programme will provide you the skills needed to manage the data from a research project, taking into account also the need to define and to implement the data policies of an institution

15 FEBRUARY 2024

Winter School 1: The European Research Infrastructures and Core Facilities in the European Research Area: An Introduction

In presence and online event

The programme will introduce you to the role of European Research Infrastructure (RI) in the European Research Area offering insights into a new field of employment as Operator or Manager of RI.