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Preliminary desgin

Metabarrier Design

Preliminary design of Metabarrier


  •  A grid of 5X10 resonators is forming the metabarrier layer with the given dimensions as indicated in the plan and transverse view. 

Preliminary design of Resonators


  • Resonators can be realized by concrete disks and steel springs which are attached to two steel plates.
  • The Resonators should accommodate 10 or more disks (50 to 100 kg of mass).
  • 4 to 6 springs can be placed between two base plates to support the concrete disks.
  • PVC disks sustain the soil trench.
Simplified resonator design

Simplified realization of Resonators


  • Design of simple and low-cost modular resonators (replacing concrete disks with steel/plastic barrels which can be filled with sand or soil)
  • Easy to find materials
  • Limited and low-cost on-site work
  • Possibility to test several metabarrier configurations 
Bearing Design

An alternative to the springs: Elastomeric bearings


  • Rubber bearings (i.e. natural rubber) with same axial rigidity of the springs can be used instead.