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Phase I: T0

Phase I of the experimental testing campaign is performed on the 5th of June, 2019 in EUROSEISTEST site, Thessaloniki. This phase was included an on-field series of experimental tests without (T0) and with the presence of the mass on the soil (T1a). In T0 testing sequence, the SASW method is performed on the soil pristine to determine the position and spacing of accelerometers and seismometers, source spacing from the grid of masses and to analyze soil characteristics.


Phase I: T0 setup


  • Excitation source with a variable offset from barrier wavefront at a distance of 4, 6 and 8 meters excite the grid.
  • Different source positions around the barrier perimeter are considered.
  • Sledgehammer and Vibro-impactor are used to generate surface seismic waves.
  • 10 series of tests for each source is recorded.
  • Real-time data recording for the synchronized accelerometers and seismometers (except R1 to R4).

Phase I: T0

T0 experimental test setup
  • T0:MASW

    Multichannel analysis of surface waves without the presence of the barrier.

  • T0:MASW-VI-Source

    Vibro-impactor source acting on a concrete slab generating surface seismic waves.

  • T0:MASW-VI-Source2

    Two vibro-impactor devices are used as the seismic waves excitation sources in the experiments.

  • T0:MASW-Sledgehammer-Source

    Sledgehammer and steel plate used as a seismic wave generator source at different positions around the perimeter of the predefined barrier.