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Testing Campaign


MASW - multichannel analysis of surface waves


  • T0: MASW on soil pristine condition to set impact force, number of geophones, geophones spacing (dx), source offset (X1) and non-dispersive frequency range.
  • T1: MASW across the 5X10 grid (2.5 m X 5 m) (no resonators, T1 settings)
  • T2: MASWs across the metabarrier (5x10resonators, T1 settings) for different resonators arrangements.
  • T3: MASWs across different metabarrier lengths (arrays of 5x4,5x6 and 5x8 resonators, T2 settings).
  • T4: MASWs across different metabarriers (always5x10resonators) varying the masses of the resonators.

SASW Testing


  • A signal analyzer should be used to collect and transform the receiver outputs to the frequency domain.
  • Data from forward and reverse profiles are averaged together.
  • A simple empirical analysis can be done to estimate the average shear wave velocity profile.
  • Source-receivergeometry is optimized in order to minimize body wave signal.

Hosting Facilities

EUROSEISTEST is a multidisciplinary European experimental site (e.g. Pitilakis et al., 2011) which is located in the Mygdonia valley about 30km to the NE of the city of Thessaloniki in northern Greece.

Test Location