Team Core

Sahra Talamo

Sahra Talamo

RESOLUTION Principal Investigator, and Professor at Bologna University at the Department of Chemistry G. CIAMICIAN.

She took her Ph.D. in Archeology at Leiden University, Netherlands in collaboration with MPI-Department of Human Evolution in Leipzig, Germany.

She undertakes cutting-edge radiocarbon research and leads joint projects between MPI Department of Human Evolution and MPI Department of Genetics, involving collaborative ancient DNA work.

In more than ten years of work experience within MPI groups she developed strong expertise not only in the study of human evolution and in geosciences, but also in design and coordination of research projects with experts from worldwide to solve scientific debates through the solid cohesion of different disciplines.

She supervised at the MPI an important and very innovative PhD project, to improve dramatically radiocarbon dating on bone collagen by sampling minute amounts of bone, using the new CO2 gas system connected to the AMS-MICADAS in collaboration with Prof E. Bard at CEREGE (Aix-en-Provence).

Last but not least, as an Italian, she enjoys creativity, cultures rich in arts, her family, and in the past living in Germany, she loves the definition of details and precision. Moreover, as a scientist, she likes the synergy of the precious elements, which will contribute to reaching her goals, and as an archaeologist, she loves to plan the future using the knowledge of the past.

For more details you can visit the unibo webpage

Alice Zurzolo

Alice Zurzolo

Research Assistant

She joined FARE_EURHOPE in March 2023.

She received her Bachelor’s degree in History, at the Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna, with a thesis on how pottery sherds are approached and studied, from their discovery up to their final display and disclosure. Then, she obtained a Master’s degree in Archaeology with a thesis on the Bronze Age population analysis of the Zena and Idice Valley, still at Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna. However, during her 2-year master, she spent six months studying at UCSB- University of California Santa Barbara within the Oversea Project. After she returned, she started her Civil Service and Internship at Luigi Donini Archaeological Museum in San Lazzaro di Savena, where she gave guided tours both in Italian and English.

Last year, she won a scholarship to start the Specialization School in Archaeological Heritage, which was suspended for a year to give her the opportunity to fully work for the FARE_EURHOPE Project.

She is now dealing with the various aspects of communication within science and research, taking care of the Instagram and Twitter pages as well as the website of the Project. Furthermore, she is learning how to work in a 14C dating lab and helping out with what is needed.

Nicole Casaccia

Nicole Casaccia

PhD Candidate

She joined F.A.R.E. EUROPHE in November 2023

She obtained her double bachelor’s degree in Cultures Littéraires Européennes at the University of Bologna and at the University of Haute Alsace, and her master’s degree in Science for the Conservation and Restoration of cultural heritage still at the University of Bologna.
For her PhD program in Cultural and Environmental Heritage, she will focus on testing non-destructive collagen detection methods for radiocarbon dating of bone samples. More precisely, she will study newly developed spectrometric techniques (such as Near-Infrared spectroscopy) that are able to predict the presence of well-preserved collagen inside bones, before being sampled for chemical pretreatments. The main aim of the project will be to reduce the unnecessary damaging of precious bones at the bare minimum, thus minimising costs and time for radiocarbon laboratories.
The research will take place at the Bologna Radiocarbon laboratory devoted to Human Evolution (BRAVHO) at the Department of Chemistry “Giacomo Ciamician” of the University of Bologna.