Re-Globe Seminars

15 March 2022: Dr. Isola Clara Macchia, The EU and its ‘New Generation’ Free Trade Agreements. The history behind the European approach and the latest developments.

16 March 2022: Prof. Olena Nihreieva, Enforcing Regional Agreements: the EU/Ukraine Dispute on Export Restrictions on Wood Products. How to balance Free Trade with Environmental Concerns.

22 March 2022: Prof. Tonia Novitz, Sustainable Labour Conditionality in EU Free Trade Agreements? Implications of the EU-Korea Expert Panel Report.

23 March 2022: Dr. Ludovica Mulas, The GATS Agreement and the WTO Case-Law on Financial Services.

28, 29, 30 March 2022: Prof. Dr. Frank Altemöller, The Future of the World Trade System and Multilateralism after the “Blockade” of the WTO Appellate Body.

6 April 2022: Prof. Gian Maria Farnelli, The EU and the ‘Greening’ of the Energy Charter Treaty: towards the Protection and Promotion of Clean Energy.

11 April 2022: Prof. Gian Maria Farnelli, The EU Approach on Transparency in International Litigation on Investments

12 April 2022: Dr. Simona CaselliThe EU Trade Policy and the Green New Deal

22 April 2022: Dr. Simona Rubbi, The Opportunities for Italian Fruit and Veg Beyond the European Markets

3 May 2022: Prof. Alessandra CastelliniEU trade policy and economic integration: definition and effects

18 May 2022: Prof. Frank Altemöller, Prof. Olena Nihreieva, Prof. Elisa BaronciniEconomic Responses and International Economic Law. The Russia / Ukraine Conflict