Re-Globe Seminars

15 March 2022: Dr. Isola Clara Macchia, The EU and its ‘New Generation’ Free Trade Agreements. The History behind the European approach and the latest developments. (Campus Bologna)

16 March 2022: Prof. Olena Nihreieva, Enforcing Regional Agreements: the EU/Ukraine Dispute on Export Restrictions on Wood Products. How to balance Free Trade with Environmental Concerns. (Campus Bologna)

22 March 2022: Prof. Tonia Novitz, Sustainable Labour Conditionality in EU Free Trade Agreements? Implications of the EU-Korea Expert Panel Report. (Campus Bologna)

23 March 2022: Dr. Ludovica Mulas, The GATS Agreement and the WTO Case-Law on Financial Services. (Campus Bologna)

28, 29, 30 March 2022: Prof. Dr. Frank Altemöller, The Future of the World Trade System and Multilateralism after the “Blockade” of the WTO Appellate Body. (Campus Bologna)

6 April 2022: Prof. Gian Maria Farnelli, The EU and the ‘Greening’ of the Energy Charter Treaty: towards the Protection and Promotion of Clean Energy. (Campus Bologna)

11 April 2022: Prof. Gian Maria Farnelli, The EU Approach on Transparency in International Litigation on Investments. (Campus Bologna)

12 April 2022: Dr. Simona CaselliThe EU Trade Policy and the Green New Deal. (Campus Bologna)

22 April 2022: Dr. Simona Rubbi, The Opportunities for Italian Fruit and Veg Beyond the European Markets. (Campus Bologna)

3 May 2022: Prof. Alessandra CastelliniEU trade policy and economic integration: definition and effects.(Campus Bologna)

18 May 2022: Prof. Frank Altemöller, Prof. Olena Nihreieva, Prof. Elisa BaronciniEconomic Responses and International Economic Law. The Russia / Ukraine Conflict.(Campus Bologna)

24 October 2022: DIEcon Profs. and special guestsTransparency, Civil Society and International Economic Law: The Approach of the European Union. (Campus Bologna)

14 December 2022: Special guests from the International Economic Law and Policy Working Group (IELP WG) of the European University Institute. Looking for Sustainability in the Global Economy: The New Generation of EU Free Trade Agreements. (Campus Bologna)

15 December 2022: Prof. Elisa Baroncini, Prof. Stephanie Triefus, Prof. Klara Polackova Van der Ploeg, Prof. Lorena Muñoz Carmona, Prof. Ludovica Chiussi Curzi: Human Rights Due Diligence – Taking Stock. (Campus Bologna)

03 February 2023:  Prof. Giorgio Sacerdoti, Prof. James Bacchus, Prof. Peter Van Den Bossche and Prof. Weihuan Zhou: Webinar National Security, the Rule of Law, and the WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism: Comparing the US, EU and Chinese Approach. (Campus Bologna)

13 March 2023: Pierfrancesco Mattiolo (University of Antwerp, Belgium), How to deal with foreign subsidies? A Hamlet question for the EU. (Campus Bologna)

15 March 2023: Dr. Andrea Mensi, Indigenous Peoples, Natural Resources and the Permanent Sovereignty of States. (Campus Ravenna)

16 March 2023: Adv. Klarissa Martins (University of Bologna), 5th Sustainable Development Goal: Achieve Gender Equality and Empower all Women and Girls. (Campus Ravenna)

20 March 2023: Dr. Stefanie Schacherer, Sustainable Development in EU Foreign Investment Law. (Campus Bologna)

21 March 2023: Dr. Stefanie Schacherer, Financing the Net Zero Transition: Opportunities and Limits of International Investment Law. (Campus Bologna)

27, 28 and 29 March 2023: PhD Candidate Agata Daszko, Re-Globe Seminar Series - The Energy Charter Treaty: The Past, the Present and the Future. (Campus Bologna)

03 April 2023: Prof. Carlo de Stefano - Roma Tre University - International Investment Law and Climate Change. (Campus Bologna)

05 April 2023: Adv. Klarissa Martins, Women's Empowerment through International Trade. (Campus Bologna)

05 April 2023: Dr. Andrea Mensi, The Role of Civil Society in Promoting the Respect of Sustainable Development Principles in Preferential Trade Agreements. (Campus Ravenna)

13 April 2023:  Alessandro Antimiani (European Commission), The EU Trade Policyandthe AgrifoodMarkets. (Campus Bologna)

03 May 2023: Dr. Valerio Filetti (President of A.G.E.R. Bologna Commodity Exchange), The EU Agricultural Commodity Market and Trade. (Campus Bologna)

09 May 2023: SIDI DIEcon (the Interest Group in International Economic Law of the Italian Society of International Law) and SELA (the Swiss Energy Law Association), The Modern World of Subsidies, Counter-Subsidies and the Reactions to Them All. (online)

16 May 2023: Prof. Paolo de Castro, The New EU Regulation for GI Products on the International Markets. (Campus Bologna)

08 June 2023: SIDI DIEcon (the Interest Group in International Economic Law of the Italian Society of International Law),  Recenti Sviluppi e Prospettive nel Diritto Internazionale dell’Economia: Un’analisi alla Luce dei Sustainable Development Goals dell’Agenda 2030 delle Nazioni Unite.

16 October 2023: Second Conference of the Western Sahara Research Group, Western Sahara in the International Legal Order. (Sala delle Armi, Palazzo Malvezzi, via Zamboni 22, Bologna)

19 January 2024:  Mirko Camanna, Michal Plšek and Alexandros Bakos CatalinSustainable Development and International Investment Law. (online)

04, 05 and 06 March 2024: Patrick Abel (University of Passau and European University Institute), International and EU Energy Law. (campus Bologna)

18 and 19 March 2024: Federico Siscaro (International Relations Officer at the Italian Customs Agency)Navigating Global Shifts: Analysing the Emergence and Development of Open Strategic Autonomy in EU Policy Dynamics and Its Nexus with the Advancement of Sustainable Development; The EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism: Background, Functioning and Impact. (campus Bologna)

26 March 2024: Pierfrancesco Mattiolo  (University of Antwerp), How to avoid a global subsidy race? The EU Foreign Subsidies Regulation. (campus Bologna)

27 March 2024: Dr. Monika Feigerlová (Institute of State and Law of the Czech Academy of Sciences /Centre for Climate Law and Sustainability Studies), Climate Neutrality in International Investment Law. (campus Bologna)

08 April 2024:  Prof. Ludovica Chiussi Curzi (University of Bologna), Dr. Federica Agostini (European University Institute), Dr. Tiziano Bussani (University of Milan), Dr. Marco Argentini (University of Bologna), Sustainable Development and International Finance: The EU Approach. (campus Bologna)

09 April 2024: Klarissa Martins (University of Bologna), International Economic Law and Women Empowerment: The EU Approach. (campus Bologna)

15 April 2024: Alina Funk (University of Hamburg), Recent Challenges for Economic Self-determination of Peoples: From Sovereignty over Renewable Resources to Trading in a Time of Armed Conflict. (campus Bologna)

8 May 2024: Prof. Andrés Delgado (Universidad Autónoma de Chile), The External Dimension of the EU's Critical Raw Materials Regulation. (campus Bologna)