10/06/2024 Today we celebrate one year at the Navile and the professor Lucarini's appointment to the Board.

8/06/2024 A year ago we set up the first reaction in the new lab.

29/05/2024 Professor Lucarini was elected to the Board of Governors. Congratulations!

26/05/2024 - 30/05/2024 Anna Turchetti joined the 2nd International Supramolecular Chemistry Summer School (ISCSS2024) held in Santa Margherita di Pula (CA)

15/05/2024 Today it's one year since we moved to the new location!

1/04/2024 Alessia Giancola joins our group as Research Fellow. Welcome Alessia!

1/03/2024 Francesca Sardu joins our group as Research Fellow. Welcome Francesca!

15/01/2024 Ilario Baù starts its visiting PhD period at the University of Birmingham (UK). Good luck Ilario!

18/12/20123 Anna Turchetti awarded at XXII GdC-ER - Chimica e Salute. During the "XXII Giornata della Chimica dell’Emilia Romagna del 2023 (GdC-ER 2023)"  Anna received a prize for the best poster. Congratulations Anna!

1/11/2023 Anna Turchetti joins our group as PhD student. Welcome!

18-20/09/2023 Our group organized the XIII National Congress of GIRSE (Italian Group for Electron Spin Resonance) held at the Academy of Sciences of the Alma Mater Studiorum in Bologna. The congress was dedicated to the memory of Angelo Alberti and Gian Franco Pedulli, scientists from Bologna, among the founding fathers of the Italian EPR, recently passed away. 

Prof. Marco Lucarini helds a plenary lecture entitled "Lo sviluppo dell'ESR a Bologna: un ricordo di Angelo Alberti e Gian Franco Pedulli".

Ilario Baù helds an oral presentation about our last article entitled "EPR Sensing of a Cation Species by Aza-Crown Ethers Incorporating a Persistent Nitroxidic Radical Unit".


See the event

12/07/2023 The paper "EPR Sensing of a Cation Species by Aza-Crown Ethers Incorporating a Persistent Nitroxidic Radical Unit" by Cecilia Poderi et al. has now been published online in Chemistry—A European Journal.

It is dedicated to Prof. Maurizio Prato in occasion of his retirement. 

1/11/2021 Ilario Baù joins our group as PhD student. Welcome!

1/10/2020. The review Improving Spin Probe Methodologies to Investigate Supramolecular Assemblies has now been published in the EuJOC Special Collection to celebrate the 40 year anniversary of the Giacomo Ciamician Medal.

April 2020. Andrea Cantelli joins the lab as a Post-doc. Welcome!

1/4/2019. Iago Neira Garcia from the Universidad de A Coruna joins our group as visiting PhD student. Welcome!

25/9/2018. The paper " EPR sensing of metal and organic cations using a novel spin-labelled dibenzo-24-crown-8-ether" by Lorenzo Gualandi et al. has now been published online in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.

15/9/2018 Cecilia Poderi awarded at XXXVIII CDCO. During the "XXXVIII Convegno Nazionale della Divisione di Chimica Organica della Società Chimica Italiana"  Cecilia received a prize for the best poster  (Premio Poster ChemPubSoc Europe18). Congratulations Cecilia!

16/5/2018 A new cover announcing the paper "Synthesis and characterization of a doubly spin labelled electrochemically driven molecular shuttle" has now  published in Organic Chemistry Frontiers. More information on!issueid=qo005010&type=current&issnonline=2052-4129

19/12/2017 We are pleased to announce that our paper, prepared in collaboration with the group of Prof. A. Credi, "Remote electrochemical modulation of pKa in a rotaxane by co-conformational allostery" has now published online in PNAS: More information on:

15/12/2017 We are pleased to inform that our paper " Synthesis and Characterisation of a Paramagnetic [2]Rotaxane Based on a Crown Ether-Like Wheel Incorporating a Nitroxide Motif" has now been published online in Chemistry - A European Journal