Scientific Activity


The scientific activity is proved by 302 publications in scientific journals and national and international congresses. The research topics involved:

  • rabbit feeding, comprehension of the digestive physiology by means of in vivo digestibility trials;
  • study on the biological, genetic, feeding, rearing and technological factors affecting rabbit meat quality;
  • use of NIRS technique for estimating growth performance and meat quality in several species (rabbit, duck, hen, fish); 
  • use of Computerized Image Analysis System for determining muscle energy metabolism, fibre typing and morphology, in rabbits and bovines; 
  • harmonization of terminology and criteria on rabbit meat research; 
  • study of the meat shelf-life and of the main factors able to improve it; 
  • study of the lipid metabolism in growing rabbit; investigation on the effect of feed restriction during post-weaning growth on rabbit live performance, on carcass and meat quality and on metabolic and contractile properties of muscle fibres; 
  • organic rabbit farming: effect of breed and season on rabbit reproduction, growth, sanitary aspect, carcass and meat quality; outdoor rabbit farming, with particular attention to slow-growing breeds instead of hybrids. 
  • Study of several housing systems on behaviour for welfare's improvement, on sanitary conditions, live performance, and on carcass and meat quality of fattening rabbits. 
  • Study of the use of hydrolysable and condensed tannins on live performance, digestibility, health status and carcass and meat quality in the rabbit. The dietary use of Vitamin E on rabbits to evaluate live performances and meat quality, with focus on its antioxidant property;


  • Effect of culture technique and sampling period on meagre (Argyrosomus regius) fillet quality;
  • Comparison of egg quality between conventional and organic hens. Formulation of petfood for dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs, hamster and chinchilla, balancing energy and nutrient requirements lifelong and in vivo study. Effect of dietary use of cottonseed oilcake on ostrich live performance and meat quality;
  • Designing functional foods of animal origin: ripened salami from ostrich meat, use of Rooibos tea leaves on ostrich salami and on rabbit meat patties to test its antioxidant effect; use of Spirulina, Thyme, Oregano, Rosemary, Digestarom, Carduus marianus, Liquorice on rabbit health, live performances and meat quality.
  • Use of Carbon monoxide to stun salmons and effects on welfare, shelf life, fillets quality and sensory analysis, and use of NIR, e-nose, e-tongue and sensory analysis to discriminate the stunning methods; effect of different stunning methods (CO, percussion, electricity) on trout shelf life, fillets quality and NIR analysis of trout fillets to discriminate, genetic origin, rearing system and stunning methods.


Recent research is focusing on the appearance of two myopathies, so called white striping and wooden breast, on chicken meat, and on the use of insects larvae meal and oil to feed chickens, hens, quails, rabbits.