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Mapping kata

(11-12-2019) University of Bologna – Centro Record
Motion capture session with Monique Arnaud

The katas are codified movements of the Japanese nō theatre. Monique Arnaud, Shihan (Instructor) of the Kongō School, performed extracts of nō dances that were recorded during a motion capture session. The recorded katas will be processed with the aim of transfering them to humanoid robots.

Si può scrivere il movimento? Labanotation: una possibile risposta [Can movement be written? Labanotation, towards a possible answer]

(09-12-2019) University of Bologna – DAMSLab
Seminar with Marta Cagnin (Choreomundus)
Labanotation was first developed in the 1920s to easily transcribe, read and reproduce movement. After a brief historical outline, the participants will learn and explore the basics. This will give everyone the necessary tools to engage in the seminar and to practice writing and movement.

Dire e agire l’emozione: sulle scene dell’interazione uomo-robot [Say and act the emotion: on the scenes of man-robot interaction]

(19-10-2019) University of Angers, France
Panel at the International conference Dire et chanter les passions: le voix de l’emotion with Matteo Casari, Cristiana Natali and Cinzia Toscano

Performing robots: una danza per Lucy [Performing robots: a dance for Lucy]

(04-04-2019) University of Bologna – DAMSLab

After an overview of the objectives and skills of the Performing robots research group, Lucy - a Nao humanoid robot - performed a short dance sequence showing her ability. At the end of the demonstration a cross-section of the audience was interviewed.