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Our research group (established in 2018) defines its field of investigation in a dynamic way around the artificial body – human and robotic – dealing with case studies that affect the multiple disciplinary approaches expressed by the team members: from the theatrical interaction between human and robotic performers, to studies on the analysis of body movement induced by technological biofeedbacks, or  the autonomous creative processes of artificial intelligence. It takes into account the socio-anthropological impact of robotics as well as the psychological and cognitive impact. Utmost attention is payed to robotics applications in performances, from the redefinition of the contemporary imaginary, to the ways of dissemination of technologies moved by artificial intelligence through performative languages.

The following fields come into play: L-ART/05 Discipline dello Spettacolo; M-DEA/01 Discipline Demoetnoantropologiche; M-PSI/01 Psicologia Generale; ING-INF/05 Sistemi di Elaborazione delle Informazione.