Technical Reports

Technical Reports 2021

  • OR-21-1
    Solving adjustable robust convex optimization problems under objective uncertainty

    B. Detienne, H. Lefebvre, E. Malaguti, M. Monaci
  • OR-21-2
    Scheduling of semi-automatic carousels with fixed production sequences

    G. Campana, E. Malaguti, M. Mele, P. Paronuzzi
  • OR-21-3
    Network design with service requirements: scaling- up the size of solvable problems

    N.V.C. Gudapati, E. Malaguti, M. Monaci
  • OR-21-4
    Daily Planning of Acquisitions and Scheduling of Dynamic Downlinks for the PLATiNO Satellite

    L. Accorsi, F. Cavaliere, M. Monaci, D. Vigo, L. Dadamo

Technical Reports 2020

  • OR-20-1
    K-Adaptability in stochastic optimization

    E. Malaguti, M. Monaci, J. Pruente
  • OR-20-2
    A Fast and Scalable Heuristic for the Solution of Large-Scale Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problems

    L. Accorsi, D. Vigo

Technical Reports 2019

  • OR-19-1
    Intersection cuts from bilinear disjunctions

    M. Fischetti, M. Monaci
  • OR-19-2
    Energy-Efficient Train Control -- A practical application

    V. Cacchiani, A. di Carmine, G. Lanza, M. Monaci, F. Naldini, L. Prezioso, R. Suffritti, D. Vigo
  • OR-19-3
    Lower and upper bounds for the non-linear generalized assignment problem

    C. D'Ambrosio, S. Martello, M. Monaci
  • OR-19-4
    Vattenfall Optimizes Offshore Wind Farm Design

    M. Fischetti, J.R. Kristoffersen, T. Hjort, M. Monaci, D. Pisinger
  • OR-19-5
    Solution Techniques for Two-dimensional Cutting and Packing

    M. Iori, V. Loti de Lima, S. Martello, F.K. Miyazawa, M. Monaci
  • OR-19-6
    Casting light on the hidden bilevel combinatorial structure of the k-Vertex Separator problem

    F. Furini, I. Ljubić, E. Malaguti, P. Paronuzzi
  • OR-19-7
    Chance Constrained Problem with Integer Scenario Variables

    A. Lodi, E. Malaguti, M. Monaci, G. Nannicini and P. Paronuzzi
  • OR-19-8
    Models and Algorithms for Integrated Production and Distribution Problems

    V. Bo, M. Bortolini, E. Malaguti, M. Monaci, C. Mora, and P. Paronuzzi
  • OR-19-9
    In Search of Dense Subgraphs: How Good is Greedy Peeling?

    N.V.C. Gudapati, E. Malaguti, M. Monaci

Technical Reports 2018

  • OR-18-1
    Mathematical models and decomposition methods for the multiple knapsack problem

    M. Dell'Amico, M. Delorme, M. Iori, and S. Martello
  • OR-18-2
    Efficient neighborhood evaluations for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Multiple Time Windows

    M. Hoogeboom, W. Dullaert, D. Lai, D. Vigo
  • OR-18-3
    Algorithmic Approaches to the Multiple Knapsack Assignment Problem

    S. Martello, M. Monaci
  • OR-18-4
    The Assignment and Loading Transportation Problem

    G. Homsi, J. Jordan, S. Martello, M. Monaci

Technical Reports 2017

  • OR-17-1
    Timetable Optimization for High-Speed Trains at Chinese Railways

    V. Cacchiani, F. Jiang, P. Toth
  • OR-17-2
    Train Timetabling by Skip-Stop Planning in Highly Congested Lines

    F. Jiang, V. Cacchiani, P. Toth
  • OR-17-3
    Optimizing Relocation Operations in Electric Car-Sharing

    C. Gambella, E. Malaguti, F. Masini, D. Vigo
  • OR-17-4
    Training Software for Orthogonal Packing Problems

    G. Costa, M. Delorme, M. Iori, E. Malaguti, S. Martello
  • OR-17-5
    BPPLIB: A Library for Bin Packing and Cutting Stock Problems

    M. Delorme, S. Martello, M. Iori
  • OR-17-6
    Enhanced Pseudo-Polynomial Formulations for Bin Packing and Cutting Stock Problems

    M. Delorme, M. Iori
  • OR-17-7
    Integer Optimization with Penalized Fractional Values: The Knapsack Case

    E. Malaguti, M. Monaci, P. Paronuzzi, U. Pferschy
  • OR-17-8
    The Vertex k-cut Problem

    D. Cornaz, F. Furini, M. Lacroix, E. Malaguti, A.R. Mahjoub, S. Martin
  • OR-17-9
    A Branch-and-Cut-and-Price for the Multi-trip Pickup and Delivery Problem with Time Windows and Synchronization

    A. Bettinelli, V. Cacchiani, T. Crainic, D. Vigo