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Paolo Toth is Professor Emeritus of Operational Research at the University of Bologna, where he was Full Professor from 1983 to 2011. His research interests include Operational Research and Mathematical Programming methodologies and, in particular, the design of effective exact and heuristic algorithms for the solution of Combinatorial Optimization and Graph Theory problems. He is author of more than 200 papers published in international journals and of the book Knapsack Problems: Algorithms and Computer Implementations (Wiley). He is also co-editor of the books The Vehicle Routing Problem (SIAM) and Vehicle Routing: Problems, Methods and Applications (MOS-SIAM Series). His h-index is 91 (Google Scholar, November 2022).

He was President of AIRO from 1988 to 1995, President of EURO from 1995 to 1996, and President of IFORS from 2001 to 2003. He received several international awards, among which the “EURO Gold Medal” in 1998, the “Robert Herman Lifetime Achievement Award in Transportation Science” (from INFORMS) in 2005, the “INFORMS Fellowship” in 2016, the “VeRoLog Fellow- ship” in 2016, the “EURO Distinguished Service Award” in 2019, the “IFORS Fellowship” in 2020. In May 2003, the University of Montreal conferred him a Doctorate honoris causa in Operational Research.

Selected Recent Publications

  • L. Galli, S. Martello, C. Rey, P. Toth. Lagrangian matheuristics for the quadratic multiple knapsack problem. Discrete Applied Mathematics 2023 (to appear).
  • G. Laporte, P. Toth. A gap in scientific reporting 4OR 20, 169-171, 2022.
  • A. Smith, P. Toth, L. Bam, J.H. van Vuuren. A multi-tiered vehicle routing problem with global cross-docking. Computers & Operations Research 137, 2022.
  • L. Galli, S. Martello, C. Rey, P. Toth. Polynomial-size formulations and relaxations for the quadratic multiple knapsack problem. European Journal of Operational Research 291, 8718-882, 2021.
  • V. Cacchiani, C. Contreras-Bolton, L.M. Escobar-Falcón, P Toth. A matheuristic algorithm for the pollution and energy minimization traveling salesman problems. International Transactions in Operational Research 30, 655-687, 2021.
  • V. Cacchiani, E. Malaguti, P. Toth. Guest Editorial to the Feature Cluster “New Trends in Applied Combinatorial Optimization”. European Journal of Operational Research 289, 807-808, 2021.
  • H.I. Calvete, C. Galé, J.A. Iranzo, P. Toth. The school bus routing problem with student choice: a bilevel approach and a simple and effective metaheuristic. International Transactions in Operational Research 30, 1092-1119, 2021.


Paolo Toth

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