The Open Physics Hub is managed by an Executive Board with the support of an Advisory Board, both nominated by the Department Council.

Executive Board

The Executive Board has the role of managing the Open Physics Hub by defining its functioning policies, by allocating its funding to specific initiatives, and by advertising its activities. The current memberd of the Executive Board are:

  • Prof. Nicola Semprini Cesari (OPH Spokeperson)
  • Prof. Mauro Villa (OPH Coordinator)
  • Dr. Eleonora Ciccone (OPH Contact Point)
  • Prof. Beatrice Fraboni
  • Prof. Lauro Moscardini
  • Dr. Marco Baldi
  • Dr. Cristian Massimi
  • Dr. Filippo Zaniboni

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board has the role of supporting the initiatives of the Open Physics Hub by monitoring their commitment to the main mission of the project and by advising the OPH Executive Board on good practice to ensure the optimal exploitation of the project activities in terms of Research, Teaching, Outreach and Technology Transfer. The current members of the Advisory Board are:

  • Prof. Federico Boscherini
  • Prof. Angelo Carbone
  • Prof. Gastone Castellani
  • Prof. Silvana Di Sabatino
  • Prof. Elisa Ercolessi
  • Prof. Paolo Gasperini
  • Prof. Olivia Levrini
  • Prof. Fabio Maltoni