Advanced Sensing Lab

A new and multidisciplinary facility, equipped with cutting-edge instrumentation, is available for the study of the interaction of radiation with matter. This Advanced Sensing Lab enable new research initiatives related to the development of innovative sensors and provide a significant support to the existing research activities at the Department of Physics and Astronomy in the field of matter-radiation interactions. Researchers can take advantage of the facility and its updated tools to participate to national and international calls and attract fundings.

The Advanced Sensing Lab is properly equipped to study the response of sensors and detectors to different sources in controlled environmental conditions. In particular, OPH features:

- a Probe Station (micro-probe station NEXTRON equipped with six spring-fixed probes, triaxial cables connection for ultra-low signal measurements (10-14 A) and cryogenic system with controlled temperature down to liquid nitrogen (78 K), alignment system with micro-positioners and optical microscope plus HD camera);

- an XR characterisation station (bunker equipped with a Hamamatsu X-ray microfocus with custom shutter, tube control unit and a Source Measure Unit for electrical measurements operated by a remote control system);

- a picosecond-pulsed laser station (laser pulse 40ps, maximum pulse frequency 100 MHz, maximum power 7 mW, Picoquant TAIKO controller with laser heads at 375nm and 1060 nm, fast and low noise current amplifier FEMTO DHPCA-100 with variable gain and up to 200 MHz bandwidth, UV-Vis spectrometer and 4-channel 300 MHz oscilloscope RTB2K-COM4);

- a time-of-flight station with VME crate (equipped with V1718 VME-USB 2.0 bridge, high-performance time to digital converter V1290N module with 16 channels with 25 ps time-resolution and a V1742 module which features 32 channel 12 bit and 5 GS/s digitisers);

- a data acquisition system based on National Instruments PXI modules (equipped with chassis PXI1082, PXIe-8840 embedded controllers, PXIe-5160 digitisers at 2.5 GS/s, PXIe-8041 express digital multimeter and PXIe-6281 data acquisition board);

- a thermal imaging camera (T1020 FLIR system);

- a white chamber equipped with a climatic chamber.

In addition to a 4-channel oscilloscope RIGOL MSO8104 1Ghz, power supply (AimTTi CPX400DP DC Power supply Dual), function generators (GW Instek PEW 800-1.44 multi Range Power Supply), Femto amplifiers, plasma etcher, 3D printer, laser micro writer, blade coater,

  • FLIR

  • NI PXI modules

  • Micro Probe Station

  • Picosencond UV/IR LASERs

  • Power Supply & GHz Oscilloscopes

  • Low Noise CurrAmp