Advanced Sensing Lab

A new and multidisciplinary facility, equipped with cutting-edge instrumentation, is available for the study of the interaction of radiation with matter. This Advanced Sensing Lab will enable new research initiatives related to the development of innovative sensors and will provide a significant support to the existing research activities at the Department of Physics and Astronomy in the field of matter-radiation interactions. Researchers can take advantage of the facility and its updated tools to participate to national and international calls and attract fundings.

The Advanced Sensing Lab is properly equipped to study the response of sensors and detectors to different sources (ionising radiation, LASER, etc.) in controlled environmental conditions (of temperature, pressure and humidity). In particular, OPH features a picosend-pulsed Laser UV-Vis-IR, a LED-based lithography system, a plasma etcher and a 3D printer. In addition, different data acquisition systems and data analysis tools are available, together with function generators and oscilloscopes.