16:30 Andri Snær Magnason - On Time and Water

Evento congiunto progetto Fedora (in inglese)

  • Data: 14 SETTEMBRE 2021  dalle 16:30 alle 18:30

  • Tipo: Evento Fedora

Poeta e autore islandese, tradotto in più di 20 paesi, Andri Snær Magnason racconta la crisi ambientale e climatica. In questa lezione Magnason ci porterà all'interno del suo mondo per raccontarci il suo modo di affrontare la scienza utilizzando tecniche narrative e immaginifiche. L'evento sarà in lingua inglese.

During the next 100 years we expect to see a fundamental change of all the elements of water on our planet. Many glaciers will melt and the sea levels will rise at a faster rate than has been seen before. Acidification will bring the oceans to a pH level not seen in 30 million years. Patterns of rain and snow will change dramatically in most areas. We could say that nature is not changing in geological speed anymore but entering human speed. This extreme shift is larger than any metaphor or any words or language we are used to. We could say that this issue is so large that it swallows all words and meaning. We hear words like “climate change” but for most people they are just white noise, 99% of the real meaning is not included in our imagination. To describe a black hole you look at the surrounding galaxies and to understand these issues Andri weaves a web of stories from mythology, to his grandmother’s honeymoon on Europe’s largest glacier, to our understanding of our intimate time. The huge narrative emerging from this web of story should be a source of inspiration and motivation for all science studies in the next decades.

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