2020 Lectures

These short videos feature excerpts from the lectures held by the faculty members of the 2020 Summer School.

Giacomo Manzoli (Università di Bologna)

Greetings and Welcome to the III Edition of the Summer School

Luca Barra (Università di Bologna)

Course Presentation. How to Study the Mediations of Italy

Guy Borlée (Cineteca di Bologna)

"Il Cinema Ritrovato". A Festival of Research and Dissemination

Giorgio Bertellini (The University of Michigan)

The Long Life of the Picturesque. Screening Italy, at Home and Abroad

Paolo Noto (Università di Bologna)

Commodifying Italian Cinema for the Foreign Markets. Genre and Arthouse in the Post-War Years

Andreas Ehrenreich (Martin-Luther Universität Halle Wittenberg)

Producing and Distributing Italian Cinema in the 1960s and 1970s

Nicoletta Marini Maio (Dickinson College) and Ellen Nerenberg (Wesleyan University)

Trans/National Branding, Transitional Girlhood. Winx and Their Worldwide Audiences

Claudio Bisoni and Elisa Farinacci (Università di Bologna)

A Different Kind of Italianness. Italian Horror Cinema and the International Reception of Suspiria (Guadagnino, 2018)

Giuseppe Fidotta (Concordia University)

Making Mafia Television. Authenticity and Production Cultures

Alan O'Leary (University of Leeds) and Dana Renga (The Ohio State University)

Teaching Italian Film and Television and Videographic Criticism

Monica Dall’Asta (Università di Bologna) and Federico Pagello (Università di Chieti)

The DETECt Project and the Mobility of Italian Crime Narratives

Marco Benoît Carbone (Brunel University of London) and Riccardo Fassone (Università di Torino)

Italy in Games/Games in Italy. Images of the Nation and the Rise of a National Industry

Massimo Riva (Brown University)

Virtual Italy, Seen from the States (In the Time of Covid)