The 2023 edition of the summer school will be held on June 19th-23rd at the Rimini Campus of the University of Bologna.


Lectures and seminars

This intensive five-day program is an immersive experience that offers a blend of lectures, scholarly conversations with an international faculty, meetings with the professionals of the audiovisual and cultural industry, and visits to the local institutions.

  • Course Presentation. How to Study the Mediated Italy
    Luca Barra (Università di Bologna)
  • Crime Time in Prime Time: Case Studies, Methods, Meanings
    Ellen Nerenberg (Wesleyan University)
  • Federico Fellini: an Introduction
    Roy Menarini (Università di Bologna)
  • Heritage is the New Black. Italian Strategies in Global Fashion
    Simona Segre Reinach (Università di Bologna)
  • Pizza, Pasta and Parmigiano: Branding Italy in Food Tv
    Veronica Innocenti (Università di Bologna)
  • Italiarama. Settings, Spaces, and Landscapes for the Communication of Made in Italy Abroad
    Ines Tolic (Università di Bologna)
  • Reviewing The Godfather at 50 in the Age of #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter 
    Dana Renga, (The Ohio State University)
  • Standardization Processes in Italian Pop-Rock Music 
    Stefano Marino (Università di Bologna)
  • Italian GenZ Celebrity. (Re)configuring Celebrities in Contemporary Italian Teen-Oriented Audiovisual Production
    Ylenia Caputo (Università di Bologna)
  • Living in a Felliniesque World. Eroticism, Clowneries and Languages in the Cinema of Federico Fellini
    Marco Gargiulo (University of Bergen, Norway)
  • The Radical Left of 1970s Italy Abroad: Global Mediation (and Diffusion) of a Laboratory of Dissent
    Jonathan Mullins (The Ohio State University)
  • Made in Italy. An Overall View on Italian Fashion
    Fabriano Fabbri (Università di Bologna)
  • Refracting Colors of  Prisma: The Therapeutic, Non-Conforming, Desiring Community of a Teen Drama
    Nicoletta Marini-Maio (Dickinson College)
  • Nordic Shadows Looming Over the South: Cross-Cultural Trends in Contemporary Italian Crime Drama
    Valentina Re (Link Campus University, Rome)

Guided tours, special events and social activities

  • special screening of Fellini's  (at Cineteca Comunale);
  • guided tour: Fellini Museum and city thematic promenade;
  • talk on RaiPlay's series Nudes (at Cinema Fulgor, in partnership with Emilia-Romagna Film Commission and F-ACTOR research project, with the contribution of La Settima Arte and Uni.Rimini);
  • food, drinks and refreshments (light brunch, beach aperitivo and final merenda).

Student presentations

A full schedule of the poster presentations planned for the 2023 edition is now available as a downloadable document. In addition, five wrap-up sessions carried out by the students are programmed along the week.

Special Events