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  • Multi- and single- channel galvanostat/potentiostat
  • Dry box (Argon atmosphere, H2O and O2< 1ppm)
  • Apparatus for PEMFC e DMFC
  • TGA
  • Frequency response analyzers (100 kHz-1 mHz)
  • Electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance
  • Mini coating machine
  • Mini doctor blade and spin coater
  • pHmeter
  • Conductimeter
  • Karl Fisher coulometer
  • Automatic titrator
  • Laser-particle sizer
  • Planetary mill
  • Ovens
  • Tubular oven
  • Scientific MW oven
  • Metal coating system
  • Press with temperature control
  • Apparatus for spectroelectrochemical measurements (UV/Vis/NIR)
  • 4-points probe conductivity apparatus
  • Apparatus for porosity (micro- and meso-porous ranges) and water adsorption analysis by gas adsorption isotherms measurements
  • Analytical sieve shaker

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