Evening course - LEVEL A2

Starting from October 17, 2023, the Confucius Institute of Bologna is organizing a Chinese language course, aimed at those who have studied Chinese for a semester.

General information

  • Pre-registration: up to October 6, 2023
  • Lessons schedule: from October 17 to January 18, 2024
  • Supply method: exclusively online, on the ZOOM platform.
  • Attendance timetable: the course will last for 36 hours, divided in 3 hours per week (2 classes of 1h &30 minutes each), for a total of 24 lessons that will take place on Tuesday and Thursday, from 8.00 PM to 9.30 PM, following the didactic calendar shown below.
  • Duration: 36 hours
  • Cost: € 300,00
  • Language of the teaching: English
  • Number of participants: the Institute reserves the right not to activate the course if the minimum number of 10 students is not reached.

Educational objectives & course program

The course aims at introducing students to the study of the Chinese language, by learning basic knowledge of phonetics and grammar. At the end of the course the student should be able to understand and use very simple expressions in Chinese and to satisfy basic communication needs, eg. how to introduce yourself.

The course program includes: Pinyin, tones and phonetics, learning the basics for reading and writing characters.

Our lessons are all taught by mother tongue teachers from People's University in Beijing, specializing in teaching Chinese to foreigners.

It is specified that the basic language of the lessons is English.

The course is designed to last 1 semester and will prepare students to pass the HSK Level 2 exam.

Lessons schedule

  • October: 17-19-24-26-31
  • November: 2-7-9-14-16-21-23-28-30
  • December: 5-7-12-14-19-21
  • January: 9-11-16-18

Any changes to the days and / or hours of lessons due to causes / impediments which have arisen, however independent of the will of the Institute, will be promptly communicated to students directly by the teacher and / or via email.

Please, note that the registration fee paid will NOT be refunded in any case if the student decides to register without having used the trial period. Furthermore, the registration fee CANNOT be refunded under any circumstances if the student does not attend lessons after registering.

Missed lessons CANNOT be recovered.

How to enroll

To enroll in the course you must choose the course by consulting the link Corso di lingua cinese (Ottobre-Gennaio 2024) and send us a confirmation email with name and surname + level of the course for which you intend to pre-register. Pre-registration is without obligation. Upon reaching the minimum number of students required for the activation of the course you will receive a confirmation email and all the information to proceed with the payment and then the final registration.

But don’t worry: before you make the final registration (and then pay the required fee) you will have time to attend a couple of lessons and evaluate whether the course actually meets your needs. For this reason, the payment of the course can only be made from October 20 onwards, after the test week.

Please note that the Institute reserves the right not to activate the course if the minimum number of 10 students is not reached.

In addition, all interested parties are requested to read the specific Information on the processing of personal data, (available for download on our website) in order to knowingly give or deny their consent to the processing of personal data, also for the optional purposes indicated on the form.

In the event that the applicant for enrolment in the course is under 18 years, the informed consent signed by the parents/ legal guardian is required (form available in the annex).

Please note that the tuition fee paid cannot be refunded in any case if the student decides to enroll without having used the trial period. In addition, the registration fee will NOT be refunded in any case if the student, after regular registration, does not frequent classes.

Will not be accepted registrations submitted in a different way from those above

Lessons in online mode

The Confucius Institute will provide the course evening A2 exclusively in online mode, on the platform Zoom.

After the confirmation of activation of the course and close to the beginning of the lessons, the pre-registered students will receive by email the meeting link and the credentials (Meeting ID and Password) necessary to proceed to the frequency of the online test lessons.

Meeting links and final credentials for the actual frequency of the course will be communicated at a later time exclusively to the students who will proceed to the payment and therefore to the final registration, together with the confirmation of registration.

We remind all students that i/teachers will provide all the information related to the functioning of the system, and that they remain always at your disposal to provide further information. For any need regarding the use of the Zoom platform it will always be possible to contact the teacher of reference.

Teaching material

The teaching material will be communicated and provided to the students as part of the course. The teaching material will be provided exclusively in digital format (in.pdf version)

Please note that the printed version of the textbooks is NOT included in the cost of the course.

In order to improve the service offered, we remind all students that, in association with the online lessons, it is planned to send the video recording of the lesson itself and any additional material that serves as a support. For this sending, the teachers will use the program "wetransfer", as it does not require any registration or installation by users, who can download the materials directly on their pc/ device