Doing Business in China. Resetting the scene

Since March 2023, our Institute offers an articulated program made of introductory lessons to the latest developments in Chinese law of international trade and investment and case studies with the participation of entrepreneurs, consultants and lawyers, Italian and Chinese.

The University of Bologna is one of the first in Italy where the study of Chinese law was introduced, thanks to the presence of a group of teachers and researchers who have been working in this field for about thirty years, under the guidance of Professor Marina Timoteo.

The Confucius Institute of the University of Bologna has already organized courses and training courses on Chinese law since 2012 and from this year places these courses in connection with the Chinese Business courses of which you can find information on the pages Intermediate Business Chinese — Confucius Institute University of Bologna and Advanced Business Chinese — Confucius Institute University of Bologna

A modular learning path, which each student can follow according to their needs, and curiosity will begin from March 2023 with a program articulated in introduction lessons to the latest developments in Chinese law of international trade and investment and case studies with the participation of entrepreneurs, consultants and lawyers, Italian and Chinese. The course is of a practical nature, aimed at connecting students with the reality of the legal relationships in which European and Chinese economic operators are now interacting and with an eye always attentive to the cultural and linguistic aspects of these relationships.

The course is organized in collaboration with the Department of Law of the University of Bologna.

Topics of the course:

Foreign investment, trade contracts, intellectual property protection.

Commercial law in the digital age: e-commerce, protection of personal information, data protection, personal and non-personal, discipline of artificial intelligence.

Language and culture of Chinese law.

Topics of the case studies:

Fashion and law.

Transformations in international business in China after the Covid era.

The first court case on an accident caused by a car driven by Artificial Intelligence.

The commercial arbitration today.

Class schedule

Friday 3 March 2023, 14-17

Friday 10 March 2023, 14-16

Friday 17 March 2023, 14-17

Friday 24 March 2023, 14-16

Friday 31 March 2023, 14-17

Friday 14 April 2023, 14-17

Friday 21 April 2023, 14-16

Friday 5 May 2023, 14-16

The dates and times of the case studies are being defined and will be communicated as soon as possible.

The course will be held in presence at the headquarters of the Confucius Institute, via Zamboni 25, it is also possible to attend the curse online through Zoom.

Who is the course aimed at

Students of law, political science, economics and Chinese language; practitioners lawyers, lawyers, managers; economic operators; curious about Chinese law


Prof.ssa Marina Timoteo, University of Bologna.

Prof. Filippo Calda, University of Bologna

Prof.ssa Wu Lan, China University of Political Sciences and Law

Prof.ssa Fei Anling, China University of Political Sciences and Law

Prof. Wang Zhibo, University of Bologna

Prof. Wang Lebing, China University for Business and Economics

Prof.ssa Angela Carpi, University of Bologna


The course is designed to complete the Chinese Business courses offered by the Confucius Institute, but it is also possible to enroll in the only course "Doing Business with China".

Cost of the complete route (Chinese Business + Doing Business with China): € 500

Cost of the course Doing Business with China: € 350

Business Chinese course only (intermediate or advanced): € 380

More information about Chinese Business courses can be found here

Inaugural event of the course

An inaugural event of the course is scheduled for 21 February 2023.

How to enroll

Registrations are open from 3 February 2023.

To register for the course you will need to choose the course by consulting the link Corsi di business chinese (Marzo-Maggio 2023) and send us a confirmation email with name and surname + name of the course for which you intend to pre-register. Pre-registration is without obligation. Upon reaching the minimum number of students required for the activation of the course you will receive a confirmation email and all the information to proceed with the payment and then the final registration.

But do not worry: before you make the final registration (and then pay the required fee) you will have time to attend a lesson and assess whether the course actually meets your needs. For this reason, the payment of the course can only be made from March 4 onwards, after the test week.

Please note that the Institute reserves the right not to activate the course if the minimum number of 5 students is not reached.

In addition, all interested parties are requested to read the specific Information on the processing of personal data, (available for download on our website) in order to knowingly give or deny their consent to the processing of personal data, also for the optional purposes indicated on the form.

In the event that the applicant for enrolment in the course is under 18 years, the informed consent signed by the parents/ legal guardian is required (form available in the annex).

Please note that the tuition fee paid cannot be refunded in any case if the student decides to enroll without having used the trial period. In addition, the registration fee will NOT be refunded in any case if the student, after regular registration, does not frequent classes.

Missed lessons cannot be recovered.

We will not accept registrations submitted in other ways than those indicated above.