Business Chinese

Business Chinese Course starting from March 2022! Register now!

Starting from October 22nd, 2022, the Confucius Institute at the University of Bologna organizes a business Chinese course, dedicated to people (e.g. enterpreurs, students, workers, managers) who have already acquired a very good knowledge of the Chinese Language (at least HSK4) and need, for work and/or business reasons, a  practical course, mainly focused on the commercial sector.

The course aims to deepen communication skills in Chinese language in a business environment: students will acquire a specialized and updated vocabulary, learn useful and widespread expressions in business activities through dialogues that trace authentic situations, typical of daily working life.

The course will provide students adequate skills also in relation to cultural aspects and relevant customs in the entrepreneurial / corporate environment. The course includes in-depth seminars, in cooperation with LAIC, with a specific focus on relevant topics in the economic-legal field that will be held by professors of the University of Bologna and / or by professors of Chinese universities.

At the end of the course, the students should be able to communicate effectively in everyday life and in professional contexts (intermediate and advanced level).

The course will take place exclusively in online mode. Multimedia materials will be used during the lessons. Great attention will be paid to exercise in understanding the text, reading, listening and oral practice.

Participation requirements

The course is dedicated to people who have already acquired at least the HSK4 (Language Proficiency Test) or have been studying Chinese for at least 3 or 4 years. 

General info

  • Pre-registration: up to October 7, 2022.
  • Course: from October 22nd to January 28, 2022
  • Supply method: exclusively online, on the ZOOM platform.
  • Timetable: the course will last a total of 30 hours, divided into 2.5 hours per week (one lesson per week), for a total of 12 lessons which will take place on Saturday morning from h. 9.30 to 12.00, following the lesson schedule shown below on this page.
  • Duration: 30 hours
  • Registration fees: € 380.00
  • Course language: English 
  • Number of participants: the Institute reserves the right not to activate the course if the minimum number of 5 students is not reached.

Educational objectives & course program

The course aims to help students improving their language skills with particular regard to the business / entrepreneurial context, and to develop their understanding of the environment and corporate culture in China. The course is also designed to offer students the opportunity to deal with a wide variety of topics and topics in the sectoral Chinese language.

At the end of the course the student will be able to:

  • express themselves profitably in Chinese in business contexts;
  • keep business correspondence (deal with requests, quotes, negotiations, complaints, etc.);
  • produce formal or informal reports;
  •  make business presentations;
  • effectively understand corporate documents of various types;

Lessons will be held by Prof. Zhu Huimin, native teacher, language professor from People's University in Beijing, specialized in teaching Chinese to foreigners. 

It is specified that the course language is English.

In order to guarantee the safety of all our students and teachers, the lessons will take place exclusively online.

Teaching Program

The course will treat the following topics. Please, remind that in-depth seminars - held by professors from Unibo and / or from Chinese universities - are planned in the legal-economic field.

  • 公司组织结构 Organizational structure
  • 招聘与应聘 Recruitment and application
  • 日程安排  Schedule 
  • 产品销售 Product Sales
  • 商务会面 Business Meeting
  • 客户服务Customer Service
  • 经济图表分析Economic Chart Analysis
  • 公文写作 Official document writing

Lessons schedule

  • OCTOBER: 22-29
  • NOVEMBER: 5-12-19-26
  • DECEMBER: 3-10-17
  • JANUARY: 14-21-28

Missed lessons CANNOT be recovered.

Any changes to the days and / or hours of lessons due to causes / impediments which have arisen, however independent of the will of the Institute, will be promptly communicated to students directly by the teacher and / or via email.

How to enroll

To register in the course, it will be necessary to send by e-mail (to the address and to fill in the following Google Form: PRE-ENROLLMENT FORM CHINESE LANGUAGE COURSES (October 2022-January 2023) - Moduli Google

Furthermore, you are requested to read the specific Information on the processing of personal data, (available for download here) in order to give or knowingly deny your consent to the processing of personal data, also for optional purposes indicated on the form.

The secretary office will confirm the activation of the course via email, upon reaching the minimum number of 5 members.

At the same time as confirming the activation of the course, the subscriber will also receive via email all the useful information to proceed with the final enrollment, which will be completed by paying the required participation fee.

Please, note that the institute offers the first lesson (considered as trial lesson): therefore, the pre-enrolled student will be able to attend the first week of lessons for free in order to evaluate the course and verify that the proposed training offered actually meets his/her needs, before proceeding with the final registration.

It should be noted that the registration fee paid will NOT be refunded in any case if the student decides to register without having used the trial period. Furthermore, the registration fee CANNOT be refunded under any circumstances if the student does not attend lessons after enrollment.

Missed lessons CANNOT be recovered.

In order to complete the enrollment, it will be necessary to send via email (to the address the final registration form (which will be sent by email to the pre-registered student together with all the useful information for making the payment) plus a copy of the receipt of the payment transfer.

Registrations submitted in ways other than those indicated above will not be accepted.

Lessons in online mode

The Confucius Institute will continue to deliver its courses exclusively in online mode, on the Zoom platform (downloadable for free).

After the confirmation of the course activation and close to the start of the lessons, pre-enrolled students will receive via email the meeting link and the credentials (Meeting ID and Password) necessary to proceed to attend the online trial lesson.

Meeting links and final credentials for the attendance of the course will be communicated at a later time only to those students who will proceed with the final enrollment, together with the confirmation of enrollment.

We remind all students that the teachers will provide all the information relating to the functioning of the system, and that they will always remain at your disposal to provide further information. For any need regarding the use of the Zoom platform, it will always be possible to contact your teacher.

Teaching materials

The teaching material is as follows:

  1. Textbooks
  • 《公司汉语》Business Chinese
  • BCT商务汉语教程》BCT Standard Course
  • 《新丝路高级速成商务汉语》 New Silk Road Business 


2. Additional materials, which will be provided by the teacher.

3. Multimedia materials, which will be communicated before each lesson. Multimedia materials will be provided to students by e-mail.

Please, note that all the didactic material will be provided exclusively in digital format (in pdf version)
Please note that the paper version of the textbooks is NOT included in the cost of the course. 
In order to improve the service offered, we remind all students that, in association with the on-line lessons, the teachers will deliver the video recording of the lesson itself and any additional material to serve as support. For this sending, the teachers will use the "WeTransfer" program, as it does not require any registration or installation by users, who can download the materials directly on their PCs / devices.