Webinar "The Silk Road today"

  • Date: 08 JULY 2020  from 11:00 to 13:00

In collaboration with the University of Bologna and the contribution of the Universities of Genoa, Trieste and Como-Insubria, an online seminar on "The Silk Road today" will be held on 8 July at 11:00.

The webinar will be opened by an introductory speech by Prof. Romano Prodi, former President of the Council of Ministers and President of the European Commission and will see interventions by Dr. Davide Cucino (Brussels Representative of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China) and Prof. Roberto Pagani (Scientific Attaché of the Italian Consulate General in Shanghai).

The meeting marks the start of the research activities of the PRIN (Research Project of Relevant National Interest) funded by the Ministry of University and Research concerning the study of the initiative promoted by the Chinese government and known as the "Belt and Road Initiative ".

The link to connect to the event is shown in the poster attached.