The ILIO project, conceived by the Departments of Italian Studies of the four partner Universities, envisages the organisation of a series of seminars, both in person and online, between senior and junior scholars on multiple issues affecting contemporary Italian literature observed from an international and interdisciplinary perspective.

The New Millennium is going through a number of challenging transformations that profoundly affect many established ways of dealing with literature: the uneven relationship with the national and European cultural tradition; the transmediality of the literary text in the age of new media; the negotiation between established literary canons and new narrative instances (related to issues of gender, multilingualism, local and ethnical identities, new social phenomena); the publishing market in the late-capitalist era; cultural policies on the dissemination and translation of literary works.

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  • ILIO - Italian Literature, as you have never seen it

In the consistent search for a new balance between a great tradition and new aesthetic frontiers

We unmask the spell of a highly codified and fairly exclusive twentieth-century canon to which Italian literature is subjected in order to observe it from an international and interdisciplinary perspective.

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