Detailed information about the project's goals, objectives, and background.


The research project aims to investigate the intersection between philosophy of law, computer science, and linguistics in the context of the digital legal environment. The research questions can be grouped into four main themes:
1. Analyse post-reductionism/textualism/normativism of philosophy of law in infosphere
2. Including Legal Hermeneutic in eLegislation
3. Integrating Legal language role in normativism with computational linguistics models
4. Defining Constitutional legitimacy of the digital legal sources and its e-enforceability
5. Implement Better Regulation with Legal Design


The methodology used is a combination of theory and empirical validation, involving various methods such as problem-solving, Agile prototyping, brainstorming, co-designing technical solutions with end-users and decision-makers, conducting focus groups with them, and implementing law-by-design models. Normative and comparative analyses are also important to evaluate the current state of the art in this area and assess constitutional or parliamentary modifications.



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