International research foresight seminars offered in collaboration among the four Universities

Strumenti per lo studio del patrimonio antico - Biblioteca Universitaria di Bologna - via Zamboni 33/35 - Bologna  Anno: 2019 © Università di Bologna


April 12th  202113-15   online

Sandra Gambetti (College of Staten Island - City University of New York)

Emotions on the page: re-reading and re-translating Philo of Alexandria’s introduction to Legatio 1-21

The virtual room in TEAMS is open to unibo students and staff. External guests please register through this form to receive accreditation.


Biblioteche. Same story, different side of the world. Biblioteca dell'archiginnasio, Bologna - New York Public Library. UniboLife 2018  Anno: 2018 Foto di Melissa Fisogni


Coordinated by Giulio Iovine (Bologna and Berkeley)

A series of online seminars to introduce a cross-cultural comparison of phaenomena beyond the European and modern idea of archive.


  1. Archival Practices Around the Globe – A Comparative Approach - Markus Friedrich 22/3/2021 5-7 PM
  2. Archival practices, books and documents in the ancient mediterranean world - Giulio Iovine 23-25/3/2021 5-7 PM
  3. Archives of Indian documents in Sanskrit - Marco Franceschini 29/3/2021 5-7 PM
  4. Cultural exchanges between Sasanian Persia and the West - Antonio Panaino 30/3/2021 5-7 PM
  5. Archives and archiving practices in Ancient Mesopotamia  - Niek Veldhuis 19/04/2021 5-7 PM
  6. Archives and archiving practices in imperial China before the advent of printing, i.e. 221 BCE-ca 12th century CE  - Škrabal, Ondřej 8/4/2021 5-7 PM
  7. Archival practices in medieval Ethiopia - Alessandro Bausi 12/4/2021 5-7 PM
  8. Practices of archiving, preserving and repurposing written materials in the Arab lands in the Middle Period: From Genizah and Genizah-like deposits to Rasulid libraries  - Arianna Rambach D'Ottone 13/4/2021 5-7 PM

  9. Mesoamerican archival and writing practices - Davide Domenici
  10. Archives on stone: epigraphy and preservation of knowledge - Alice Bencivenni 20/4/2021 5-7 PM


If you are interested in participating please fill in the form and/or contact Giulio Iovine: giulio.iovine2[at]