Career Development

discussion during a workshop

The project intends to  offer undergraduate and graduate students a concrete support in building significant projects, functional to pursue studies or academic and professional careers at one of the other partner universities or to plan their own studies, significantly including a period of mobility at the other partner sites, or using the partners' network of cultural and extra-academic relations, increasing the international attractiveness of the participating sites.

The career development workshops and summer schools will allow undergraduates and PhD students to acquire important transversal and specific skills for their career:

  • the ability to define paths and projects of research and personal and professional development at transnational level;
  • the ability to identify innovative research methods and themes;
  • the practical knowledge of support tools, also financial, for the implementation of horizontal mobility (exchange) and vertical mobility (by degrees) aimed at the integration of periods of study, research and internship (inter-sectoral mobility with organizations linked to the departments involved);
  • the possibility of peer networking and inclusion in professional and scientific networks of the departments involved.