University of Twente

Ing. Derk W. F. (Wim) Brilman: green technologies for algae treatment, lipid extraction with switchable solvents and hydrothermal liquefaction processes


University of Bologna

Prof. Marco Abbiati: analysis of biochemical composition of corals and identification of possible markers related to environmental adaptation

Prof. Elena Fabbri, Dott. Andrea Pasteris, Prof. Giorgio Sartor: development of (eco)-toxicological tool kit for the evaluation of biological impacts of chemical compounds

Prof. Daniele Fabbri and Dr. Cristian Torri: Building blocks and biofuels from biomass through thermochemical conversion 

Prof. Giuseppe Falini: investigation on calcium carbonate mineralization

Prof. Rocco Mazzeo, Dr. Silvia Prati and Dr. Giorgia Sciutto: green chemistry tools for application in Cultural Heritage

Prof. Alberto Modelli: biodegradability of chemical compounds in water and soil

Prof. Rossella Pistocchi: utilization of microalgae as source of chemicals and biofuels

Dott. Serena Righi: LCA analysis of chemical synthesis and processes

Prof. Loris Giorgini and Dr. Laura Mazzocchetti: production, extraction and characterization of polyhydroxyalkanoates 


University of Ferrara

Prof. Gianni Sacchetti: Extraction of lipids from algae by using supercritical CO2


University of Turin

Prof. Giancarlo Cravotto: Application of microwaves and ultrasounds for algae pre-treating



Dott. Anna Luisa Costa Development of nanocatalysts for PHA pre and post treatment


ISAC – CNR , Bologna

Dott. Cristina Maria Facchini: Analysis of the organic component of aerosol through NMR spectroscopy


University of Beer Sheva, Isreael

Prof. Raz Jelinek : development of new biophysical techniques based on colorimetric sensors for the detection of the effects of chemicals on model membranes