The project adopts a highly interdisciplinary perspective, combining three disciplinary domains: a legal- social cluster, a philosophical-logical cluster, and a computing-AI cluster. It will involve experts from all such fields.

Experts involved in the project


  • Guido Governatori (CSIRO) for Computational logic, machine learning and AI & law 
  • Juliano Maranhao (San Paolo Brasile) for Computational logic 
  • Regis Riveret (Brisbane, Australia), for computation logic and machine learning
  • Antonino Rotolo (University of Bologna), for legal theory and logic
  • Federico Chesani (University of Bologna) for logic programming and AI
  • Carla Faralli (University of Bologna) for legal theory
  • Paola Mello (University of Bologna) for logic programming and AI
  • Michela Milano (University of Bologna), for computing and decision theory
  • Monica Palmirani (University of Bologna) AI document modeling and analysis
  • Riccardo Rovatti (University of Bologna)

Collaboration with leading Centres in ICT and law, such as Stanford’s Codex, Harvard’s Berkman Centre, NICTA and the Norwegian Research Centre on Computers and Law