The project involves EUI and UNIBO.EUI provides expertise on law,economics,and regulation theory.UNIBO provides expertise in legal informatics and logic through CIRSFID-ALMA AI and in computing and AI through the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. External experts will also be involved.

The University of Bologna (UNIBO): CIRSFID-ALMA AI and Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

The University of Bologna is a leading Italian teaching and research institutions, with a strong record of publications and participation in European research projects. CIRSFID-ALMA AI is a leading university institution for research and teaching on computers & law (legal logic, ICT law, legal informatics, AI & law). It hosts a PhD program on law and technology. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is the reference point for Computer Science and Engineering education, research and technology transfer at the University of Bologna. Among its strong points are logic programming and multi-agent systems.

The European University Institute (EUI)

EUI is an international institution created by the Member States of the founding European Communities in 1972. It provides advanced academic training in its four departments (economics, history, law, social and political sciences) to PhD students, post-doc fellows. It promotes research at the highest level, and actively supports interdisciplinarity. It links scholarship and practice, both through its governing arrangements and through specific research projects and programmes. The Law Department has a long-standing focus on legal theory and on methodological challenges of international and European law. In the last years it has hosted, among other things, research on the human rights, law and economics, the regulation of markets, as well as on various aspects of ICT law and ICT policies. My project will be located in the Law Department, and will benefit from interaction with the other departments (in particular, the Economics and the Social and Political Sciences departments). It will also benefit from interactions with the Florence School of Regulation of the EUI, which delivers high-quality thinking on EU policy and regulation in various areas, among which Communications, Media and Transports.