The CompuLaw team organizes local workshops and seminars.

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05 JULY 2024


Workshop on Computational Law for Autonomous Cars (CLAC)

Sala degli Stemmi, Villa Salviati, Via Bolognese n. 156, 50139 Florence, Italy - In presence and online event

At the workshop, we will discuss representations of the rules of the road such that machines can automatically execute them, humans can understand them and behave accordingly, and compliance can be automatically verified. We will also consider the relevant legal, ethical, and cognitive issues.

Concluded events

05 OCTOBER 2023

Technology and Democracy

Room Giorgio Prodi, piazza San Giovanni in Monte 2, Bologna

In this conference Prof. Giovanni Sartor with his speech "Algorithms and the rule of law" brings the attention of the acedemic community and citizen on the role of Artificial Intelligence on judicial decision-making

02 OCTOBER 2023

Artificial Intelligence and Psychological Harm

Sala Kelsen, ALMA AI, via Galliera 3, Bologna (second floor)

In this Workshop Dr. Przemysław (Przemek) Pałkaaims will discuss about the EU’s AI Act Proposal and the potential threats that AI systems present to mental healt. It will also consider the alternatives to the AI Act’s approach to mental health safety


Is It Permissible for the Government to Automate Interpretation?

Sala Russel, ALMA AI, via Galliera 3, Bologna (Ground Floor)

During this conference, organized by Prof. Giovanni Sartor and Federico Galli, David Tan from Deakin Law School will present his latest work "Is it permissible for the government to automate statutory interpretation" at Alma AI Centre

29 MAY
30 MAY 2023


The Countervailing Power of AI

European University Institute – Villa Salviati (Sala degli Stemmi) - In presence and online event

The conference, ogranized by Giovanni Sartor, Francesca Lagioia and Hans Micklitz, aims to foster discussion on the use of AI and to present the experience and risults of the Claudette Project (Machine Learning Powered Analysis of Consumer Contracts and Privacy Policies)

25 MAY
26 MAY 2023


5th Distributed Ledger Technology Workshop (DLT 2023)

Room G1 (main event), Istituto di Geologia e Paleontologia Raimondo Selli: via Zamboni 67, Bologna, Italy

The Workshop aims to foster discussion and cross-fertilisation of ideas among experts in different fields related to Distributed Ledger Technologies, and thus advance the national and international state-of-the-art.

08 MAY
11 MAY 2023


The Law of Artificial Intelligence

Universidade Catolica Portuguesa, 1649-023 Lisboa, Portugal

From May 8th to May 11th Prof. Giovanni Sartor is going to participate to the LL.M. in Law in a Digital Economy organized by Faculty of Law of the Catholic University of Portugal (Faculdade de Direito da Universidade Católica Portuguesa) with his course "The Law of Artificial Intelligence".

13 APRIL 2023

Prof. Giovanni Sartor wins the CodeX Prize

The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics, Paul Brest Hall, 555 Salvatierra Walk, Stanford, CA 94305, Stati Uniti - In presence and online event

The CodeX Prize is an annual award given to an individual or group for a noteworthy contribution to computational law. This year’s CodeX Prize was awarded jointly to Henry Prakken from the Netherlands, Giovanni Sartor of Italy and Trevor Bench-Capon, from Liverpool.

13 MARCH 2023


Design Ethics of Technology

Viale del Risorgimento n. 4 (Room 1)

The seminar is held by Prof. Viola Schiaffonati of the Polytechnic University of Milan. It is part of the Couse "Ethics in Artificial Intelligence" at the University of Bologna.

03 MARCH 2023


Digital Constitutionalism

House of Finance, Lecture Room DZ Bank, E20 (ground floor), Campus Westend Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main

Prof. Giovanni Sartor together with Ricardo Campos (Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main) debate on "Enforcement in the context of digital constitutionalism and regulated self-regulation"

16 FEBRUARY 2023


The Law in the Algorithmic State

Sala Kelsen, ALMA AI, via Galliera 3, Bologna - In presence and online event

The seminar is held by Prof. Amnon Reichman of the University of Berkeley and the University of Haifa. It is part of the cycle of lectures for the Last-JD PhD students.

29 NOVEMBER 2022


Explanations and justifications in legal XAI

Sala Kelsen, ALMA AI, via Galliera 3, Bologna - In presence and online event

In this talk Henry Prakken will present present his recent research with Rosa Ratsma on legal explainable AI (XAI) in a wider legal and AI context.