From May 2nd to May 6th 2022, the Unibo-IIT Kanpur Research Group hosted a free, one-week blended summer school entitled Digitalization and Platformization of Social Worlds

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Summer School information leaflet

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Digitalization and Platformization of Social Worlds

The Unibo- IITK Summer School

2 - 6 May 2022

 The summer school is the result of an international collaboration between the University of Bologna and the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur jointly engaged in the investigation of forms and implications of the digital society in the current context in transformation.

This research interest is born from the common conviction that understanding the hybrid space and its multiple contexts can provide the interpretative key to effectively answer today’s societal challenges and foster critical thinking in the scientific and civic open debate on digitalization and platform societies -from consumption to cryptocurrencies, from private and public regulations to collaborative pathways, from institutional payment systems to the transformation of moneyed finance

The Digitalization and Platformization of Social Worlds summer school aims to employ the sociological postulates to the digital society in order to understand its dynamics as well as to identify new interpretative categories. Its expected outcome is allowing participants to combine academic rigour with creative outreach thanks to the interaction of internationally renowned academics with stakeholders, students and citizens taking part in the discussion and alimenting the dialogue between ideas and approaches. 

Participants will also benefit from the multimedia resources available in the form of recorder video lectures useful to the understanding of the issue. Last but not least, the school seeds potential collaborations among the stakeholders as well as between the Italian and Indian institutions.


The Unibo-IIT Kanpur Digital Sociology International Research Group is organising a summer school on Digitalization and Platformization of Social Worlds. The summer school will bring together scholars and students working on the following themes:

  • The dialectic between public and private in platform regulation
  • Contours of Privacy and its economisation in platforms
  • Collaborative Pathways to participation in platform societies
  • The Institutional work of payment systems in platforms 
  • Payment competencies as the key to negotiating platform ecosystems  
  • The transformation of moneyed finance  in platform societies

Scientific Directors

Piergiorgio Degli Esposti, University of Bologna

Jillet Sarah Sam, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur


The Unibo-IITK summer school Digitalization and Platformization of Social Worlds