The International Research Group

The Unibo-IIT Kanpur Digital Sociology International Research Group is an international research project aiming to investigate the 'Emerging Platform Societies' from a multidisciplinary and cross-continental perspective. Thanks to the participation of scholars from different academic backgrounds, the project takes shape as an online space to jointly discuss the issues of platformization, physical-digital transformations, and related societal issues. 


The Unibo - IIT Kanpur Online Seminar

The updating research work materializes into an online seminar. It is organized under the Bando Strutture initiative and its final output is to generate a repository of video contributions by experts, bibliographies, scientific publications and, simultaneously, a container of questions and issues to be investigated. This repository is hosted on an open-access website accessible to the academic world, the business world, and ordinary citizens in the hope it will grow into a platform fostering encounters and public debate. The research group also aims to strengthen the relation between UNIBO and IITK in order to set up a permanent multidisciplinary observatory on digitisation processes, consumption/prosumerism, digital currencies and payments.