WG5: Dissemination and Public Engagement

Lie Theory; Cartan Geometry; Quantum Groups; Integrable Systems; Vision

Group Leader

Juraj Tekel

University KTFDF FMFI UK. Slovakia

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Goals and Tasks:

G5.1: Dissemination and public engagement: coordination/organization of CaLISTA outreach events.

G5.2: Ensure the completion of all Training schools, workshops and conferences of CaLISTA.

T5.1: Create websites in collaboration with the EMS and other STEM european societies to create public awareness of CaLISTA themes. Create Youtube channels for the broadcast of CaLISTA events.

T5.2: Coordinate the organization of meetings and conferences within the CaLISTA network.

T5.3: Coordinate events to exchange knowledge between academic and industrial sector.

T5.4: Promote interdisciplinarity: ensure all sectors and all disciplines are represented and balanced in the dissemination and public engagement events, besides the TS, workshops and conferences.