WG2: Integrable Systems and Supersymmetry

Integrable Systems

In this WG we investigate the theory of integrable systems and supersymmetric gauge theories.

Group Leader

Simonetta Abenda

University of Bologna, Italy

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Goals and Tasks:

G2.1: Understand a global parametrization of Grassmannians via KP divisors.

G2.2: Extend Gauge Theories/Isomonodromy correspondence to classical Lie groups.

G2.3: The full understanding of the spectrum of quantum integrable systems with classical Lie groups from the zeroes of isomonodromic tau functions.

T2.1: A new approach to the KP theory on degenerated M-curves through the analogy with quantum field theory models. Global parametrization of KP divisors on rational M-curves and resolution of singularities.

T2.2: Explore the correspondence between isomonodromic deformation problems and supersymmetric gauge theories with general classical groups and enumerative geometry.

T2.3: Obtain an analytic description of the bifurcation sets of Frobenius manifolds. Study submanifolds and reduction of integrable hierarchies of PDEs.