A joint initiative by the Mokichi Okada Art and Culture Foundation and the University of Bologna

Image Credits: Giorgio Bevignani

The Mokichi Okada Chair on Beauty has been established in 2020 as a joint initiative by the Mokichi Okada Art and Culture Foundation and the University of Bologna. The Chair is hosted by the International Centre for the Humanities 'Umberto Eco' and the activities are organised in collaboration with the Department of the Arts - DAR.

The agreement has been signed by the Rector of University of Bologna Prof. Francesco Ubertini, and the President of Mokichi Okada Foundation, Yasu Saito.

The Chair aims at investigating the various aspects and meanings of beauty, through an interdisciplinary analysis of its philosophical, historical and anthropological dimensions and its connections with society, nature, art, architecture, design, poetry, literature, music, performing arts and every other form of human expression.

Mokichi Okada Chair on Beauty is coordinated by Patrizia Violi (Academic Director, UniBo), Matteo Casari (Deputy Director and Project Manager, UniBo), Silvia Zimmermann Del Castillo (International Executive Director, Mokichi Okada Foundation), Mariano Del Castillo (International Coordinator, Mokichi Okada Foundation), Francesco Mazzucchelli (Research Associate, UniBo).

Advisory Board: Giovanni Peternolli, Giorgio Bevignani, Barbara Cimatti, Mario Panico, Marco Milani, Cinzia Toscano.