Management Organization

The team working on this project includes researchers, artists and practitioners from different scientific and artistic backgrounds. The team aims at studying, exploring and expressing the concept of Beauty in all its various forms.

Projects and activities of the Chair are discussed, designed and organized through the following organizational structure:

Honorary President

  • Yasu Saito - (President of Mokichi Okada Foundation, Atami)


Executive Board

  • Patrizia VioliAcademic Director (University of Bologna)
  • Matteo CasariDeputy Director and Project Manager (University of Bologna)
  • Silvia Zimmermann del Castillo - International Executive Director (Mokichi Okada Foundation)
  • Mariano del Castillo - International Executive Coordinator (Mokichi Okada Foundation)
  • Francesco MazzucchelliResearch Associate (University of Bologna) 


Consulting Board

Giovanni Peternolli - Giorgio Bevignani - Marco MilaniMario PanicoCinzia Toscano