Portico Sonoro #1 - via Zamboni

Starting event of the project Portico Sonoro, by Zimmerfrei, in collaboration with Mokichi Okada Chair on Beauty and with the support of Comune di Bologna.

  • Date: 15 DECEMBER 2021  from 18:00 to 20:00

  • Event location: Via Zamboni (meeting point: Piazza Rossini at 18:00)

  • Type: The Heritage of Beauty

15 dicembre 2021 h 18
Portico Sonoro #1 - via Zamboni
soundwalk (45 min circa)
project by ZimmerFrei in collaboration with Mokichi Okada Chair on Beauty
with the support of Comune di Bologna 

Walk through via Zamboni's portici, from piazza Rossini to piazza Puntoni (today piazza Roberto Raviola, Magnus)
Starting event of a series of sound walks through the Bologna Portici's system (Unesco Heritage). The program of following sound-walks will take place in 2022.
Meeting point: piazza Rossini in via Zamboni, December 15, 2021 h 18
The walk will start after the closing lecture of the cycle “Il patrimonio della bellezza/The Heritage of Beauty”, On the nature of beauty, on the beauty of nature, with Raffaele Milani (University of Bologna)
15 dicembre 2021 h 15
International Centre for the Humanities ‘Umberto Eco’
Department of the Arts (DAR)
Mokichi Okada Art and Culture Foundation
Indirizzo conferenza: Sala Rossa, Via Marsala 26, Bologna
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