Forms of "ma" 間. A fundamental concept in Japanese culture.

Third cycle of Mokichi Okada Lectures.

  • Date:

    13 APRIL
    01 JUNE 2022
     from 15:00 to 17:00
  • Event location: Sala Rossa, Via Marsala 26, Bologna - In presence and online event

  • Type: Forms of Ma

Ideogram by Giovanni Gamberi
Ideogram of ma by Giovanni Gamberi

April 13, 2022
Giovanni Peternolli (Università di Bologna) - The production of ma in Japanese painting

April 27, 2022
Andrea Giolai (Università di Leiden) - Listening to ma. Sounds, silence and interstices in Japanese music

May 18, 2022
Olimpia Niglio (Università di Pavia) (da remoto) - “Non-empty”. Contents and functions in Oriental architecture (followed by a dialogue between Olimpia Niglio and Giovanni Peternolli)

June 1, 2022
Grand Master Tessin Kobayashi (Senior Tea Master of Kankyu-An school of tea ceremony) (da remoto) - Tea Ceremony in Japan


All events from 15 to 17.

All meeting will be held both 'in presence" (Centro Umberto Eco, Sala Rossa, Via Marsala 26 Bologna) and online, weblink to participate or book a seat will be indicated in this website.

Olimpia Niglio e Tessin Kobayashi will participate on remote.