Color and Nature. The sublime art of Ogata Kōrin (1658-1716)

Conclusive event

  • Date: 09 JUNE 2021  from 11:00 to 13:00

  • Event location: Online on Zoom

  • Type: On Beauty: the color

Color and Nature. The sublime art of Ogata Kōrin (1658-1716) - Lecture by Giovanni Peternolli (University of Bologna) 

Ikebana Kohrinka (flower arrangement) - Demonstration introduced and performed by Yamate Shigeru

On June 9, the Chair on Beauty MOCOB will conclude this first cycle of seminars devoted to the theme of color with an event centered on one of the most classic motifs of Japanese culture: the beauty of nature and flowers, their representations and the sublime art of their composition.

The event is divided in two parts.
In the first part, Prof. Giovanni Peternolli, a renowned expert in Japanese art, will deliver a lecture on the masterpiece by Ogata Kōrin, the Red and White Plum Blossoms (Kōhakubai), which is part of the collection of MOA, in Atami. This is a pair of folding screens that depicts a younger red plum on the right and an older white plum on the left, with a flowing river in its center and represents spring bloom and the cyclicity of nature. With its perfect balance among the elements of the composition, this artwork is surely one of the most
This art piece represents the essence of the sense of beauty and nature as it is conceived in Japanese culture.

Then, the lecture will be followed by a practical demonstration of a special form of ikebana, the Kohrinka. The style of ikebana called Kohrinka is inspired by the art of Kōrin, as is evoked in its name. Kohrinka develops a form of communication and dialogue with flowers that respects their language, enhancing their symbolic value of the discovery and knowledge of nature.
The ikebana-Kohrinka master Yamate Shigeru of the Mokichi Okada Art and Culture Foundation will briefly illustrate the characteristics of Kohrinka and give a live practical demonstration.

Giovanni Peternolli has been professor of Far Eastern Art History at the University of Bologna and has lived and taught in Japan for many years, in Kyoto. In 1987 he founded the Centro Studi d’Arte Estremo-Orientale in Bologna, of which he is now President. The Centro Studi, which has one of the most important specialised libraries in Europe, is a point of reference for many scholars and students as well as a promoter of cultural initiatives such as the numerous exhibitions held in the city’s most prestigious museums.

Yamate Shigeru graduated from Hiroshima Shūdō University in 1981 and was licensed as a Kohrinka assistant teacher the following year. He has carried out demonstrations in 15 different countries, including Spain and the United Kingdom, where he performed at Windsor Castle in 1995. Between 1995 and 2001 he lived and worked as a Kohrinka teacher in Taiwan. He is a member of the Ikebana Association and works as a Kohrinka Master in Japan and around the world.


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