Research services

Lab features

  • 32 touchscreen workstations
  • Server capable of running multiple instances of various types (zTree, oTree, third-part software, proprietary software)
  • Remote management and control of clients for less or no physical interaction with users
  • Multimedia facility

Sessions are supervised by an IT manager, with the possibility of adding research assistants as required.


BLESS Mobile Lab

The BLESS lab is extremely dedicated to mobility and designed to exploit it at every level. The lab has carried out its task effectively throughout Italy, from Cuneo to Sicily!

  • 32 convertible mininotebooks based on Windows platform, with two MultiOS Servers (based on Linux and Windows technology through VirtualBox), to transform any office or classroom into a lab while maintaining a high standard of security and speed of data management, thanks to an autonomous network
  • 32 Android Tablets in aluminium and reinforced glass for extreme mobility conditions


Online management

  • oTree side: proprietary oTree development, simplified management through oTreeHub, Heroku server that can be modulated according to requirements
  • zTree side: proprietary unleashed autonomous zTree server, for full zTree functionality also online
  • Development and implementation of studies for third parties fully online


Recruitment pool

  • Create, manage and maintain our own user pool, with more than 8K total users, which is constantly growing
  • More than a dozen selectable variables for each individual user, to create extremely suitable samples for each individual search avoiding sampling biases
  • We recruit users for both Italian and English researches