Opportunities for Students



The BLESS internship has two main objectives.
1. To introduce interns to the management of an experimental lab.
2. To engage interns in research in behavioral and experimental economics.



To achieve the objectives of the internship, interns will be involved in a variety of tasks depending on the current needs of the laboratory and the research agendas of the BLESS members. Tasks and responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • maintaining the experimental laboratory;
  • recruiting of subjects for the laboratory subject pool;
  • preparing documents related to the lab;
  • monitoring experimental equipment;
  • assisting in research related to the laboratory;
  • preparing for experimental sessions;
  • conducting experimental sessions with faculty;
  • assisting in research related to the members of the laboratory;
  • conducting literature reviews for faculty research;
  • organizing, cleaning or entering data.



Students who are interested in completing an internship with BLESS must have completed a course in Behavioral and/or Experimental Economics.


How to Apply

Please send an expression of interest to Professor Stephanie Heger (stephanie.heger@unibo.it) and the lab manager Dr. Irene Maria Buso (irenemaria.buso@unibo.it), which includes a current copy of your CV and transcript. Please also indicate the name of your professor for Behavioral and/or Experimental Economics.