The latest publications of Alice Mattoni on anticorruption from the bottom-up

bit-act; anti-corruption; digital media; ICTs; civil society; social movements

Alice Mattoni, the principal investigator of the BIT-ACT project, explores the bottom-up fight against corruption in two chapters in handbooks recently published by the Oxford University Press.

Mattoni contributed to The Oxford Handbook of Sociology and Digital Media (2021) edited by Deana A. Rohlinger and Sarah Sobieraj with the chapter entitled “Digital Media in Grassroots Anti-Corruption Mobilizations”. In the text, she discusses two leading roles that digital media might have in grassroots anti-corruption struggles, each of them linked to the “collective action” and “principal-agent” approaches to corruption. The chapter also explores the potential role of digital media for anti-corruption activists and addresses the main directions toward which research on anti-corruption from the grassroots and its relationship with digital media might develop in the near future.

In addition, Mattoni co-authored with Donatella della Porta the chapter “Civil Society against Corruption” published in The Oxford Handbook of the Quality of Government (2021) edited by Andreas Bågenholm, Monika Bauhr, Marcia Grimes, and Bo Rothstein. Della Porta and Mattoni reflect on how the literature on corruption has dealt with civil society actors, present the types of actors that engage in anti-corruption actions, and discuss the consequences of bottom-up efforts.

 Photo by Nathaniel Tetteh on Unsplash