BIT-ACT includes various countries across the world, some of them characterized by high political instability. At the same time, it deals with a particularly sensitive topic, which is anti-corruption from the grassroots.

As a research team, we are aware of the many ethical dilemmas and security challenges that we need to deal with over the course of the research project. We hence decided to employ these aspects as an opportunity to reflect more on the role of ethics in the fields of corruption, social movements, and science and technology studies. In so doing, we hope BIT-ACT will be able to participate in the ongoing debate concerning ethics in political sciences and, more in general, in all those research projects that tackle political issues in sensitive contexts.

With this aim in mind, we will organize events, write papers, and distribute materials on what we learned and will learn about ethics and safety in the framework of BIT-ACT. This is the page where we collect and share all these items!