BIT-ACT in the Panel “Women Leading AI in Anti-Corruption” at the IACC in Lithuania

The panel is scheduled for Thursday, June 20, 2024, from 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM (Europe/Vilnius)

Published on 31 May 2024

The International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) will host the panel "Empowering Change: Women Leading AI in Anti-Corruption (Ws 7.6)" on June 20, 2024, where two researchers from the BIT-ACT team will present their insights on the benefits and risks of emerging technologies in the fight against corruption.

The IACC is the world's largest anti-corruption forum, bringing together heads of state, civil society, business leaders and investigative journalists from around the world to end corruption. As such, it is a critical venue for fostering international cooperation and sharing innovative solutions to global corruption challenges, with this workshop underscoring the importance of inclusive and ethical AI practices.

This workshop, coordinated by Action4Justice, addresses the critical yet often overlooked issue of women's representation in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Despite their current underrepresentation, women are at the forefront of using AI technologies to combat corruption. They are uniquely positioned to address and navigate the ethical dilemmas and limitations associated with AI applications in this sector.

Participants will explore a range of topics, including ethical challenges, opportunities for innovation, and the need for gender mainstreaming in AI-driven anti-corruption strategies. This session is not only a platform to discuss technological advances, but also a call to action to integrate more diverse perspectives into public policy and research.

The panel will feature presentations by our BIT-ACT Research Fellow Fernanda Odilla and BIT-ACT Research Associate Carolina Gerli, both from the University of Bologna and Antonina Volkotrub from the Anti-Corruption Action Center, and Ornella Belfiori from DLA Partner, in a session organized and moderated by Irene Tello of CEU and Action4Justice. These participants bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, promising a robust and insightful discussion on the future of AI in anti-corruption efforts.

The IACC is a prestigious series of international conferences organized by the IACC Council in partnership with local governments and organizations, and hosted by Transparency International. Its goal is to lead discussions on global anti-corruption efforts. 

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