B-PLAS DEMO is constituted by 4 interacting work packages


Work Package 1 - UniBO TEAM

WP1 is dedicated to the construction/start-up and stable operation of the B-PLAS DEMO plant able to continuously produce PHA with acceptable purity

The plant is formed by several sections: 

  1. pre-treatment of the sludge
  2. anaerobic fermentation for production of diluted volatile fatty acids (VFA)
  3. innovative VFA pertraction system
  4. aerobic reactors for growth of PHA-enriched bacteria 
  5. PHA extraction module

work package 2 - AIJU TEAM

WP2 is focused on the characterization of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) produced by the B-PLAS plant, particularly:

  1. PHA suitability for subsequent moulding and 3D printing applications
  2. design the production plant of PHA to perform final characterization and to transform into 3D printing filaments and/or pellets for injection moulding
  3. providing the basis for certification and marketing of PHA produced with B-PLAS project

work package 3 - Unibo 

WP3 is dedicated to the design of a cost-effective 10,000 ton/y plant

The plant has to be able to be replicated and to demonstrate its economic feasibility in an specific defined business case

work package 4 - PPIS & UNIBO

WP4 will bring the B-PLAS technology to the market by means of three main interrelated activities:

  1. Assessment of the European market of potential feedstocks to be used as input for the B-PLAS DEMO (PPIS)
  2. Life Cycle Assessment of the B-PLAS DEMO plant in order to analyse the environmental sustainability of the proposed technology (UniBO LCA Team)
  3. Dissemination activities in order to market the technology and create the B-PLAS industrial ecosystem needed to scale the technology up at the industrial level (UniBO Management Team, AIJU ad PPIS)