ATC EVO An Evolution of the Automotive Training Centre Serbia toward the Concepts of Light and Sustainable Mobility.

Project aims to modernize knowledge and skills at the Automotive Training Center Serbia (ATC) to adapt them to the latest lines of development in automotive technology. ATC is a competence center established in the past (2010-12) in Centre of Serbia. Three faculties, two schools and several industries cooperated to create a ‘common educational area’ on mechatronics in vehicle engineering. It practically consists of a network of educational laboratories powered by special didactical equipment and technical competences.

ATC EVO goes in the direction of modernizing local know-how in the field of Light Vehicles and Sustainable Mobility by knowledge transferring key elements of vehicle design and manufacturing regarding not yet existing skills. But it also makes the most of existing educational infrastructures: the knowledge transfer action will take place by teaching those professors already involved inside the ATC competence center and by taking advantage of its didactical facilities.

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